Aaron Spelling

Aaron Spelling Net Worth was $600 Million

How rich is Aaron Spelling?

Nickname: Aaron Spurling

Date of birth: the 22nd of April, 1923

Date of death: the 23rd of June, 2006

Cause of death: heart stroke

Profession: producer, screenwriter

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: television

How Much was Aaron Spelling Worth?

Aaron Spelling net worth

He is named “The King of Television” and “The Self-Made Man”. There’s no person on the planet, who doesn’t know the name of Aaron Spelling. But even if you are one of those, who had never heard about him, no doubt, you watched one of his incredibly popular TV series: “Twin Peaks”, “Melrose Place”, “Charmed”, “Beverly Hills 90210” and many others.

Aaron Spelling and Beverly Hills stars: Jason Priestley, Tori Spelling, Shannen Doherty and Luke Perry

Aaron Spelling passed away in June, 2006, but till now people enjoy the television series and movies he produced. In addition he propelled careers of numerous modern stars, like Heather Locklear, Jason Priestley, Linda Gray and many others.  

Aaron Spelling and Heather Locklear

His wealth looks impressive even in Hollywood. By the way, Spelling was not a son of a millionaire. His parents were Jewish immigrants from Poland. His mother was a homemaker and father worked as a tailor.

Most part of Aaron’s wealth comes from his activity of a television producer. He founded Spelling Television Inc, which produced lots of legendary series, like “Dynasty” or “The Love Boat”.

In general during several decades of his career Aaron Spelling created seventy TV series, one hundred and forty TV films and even several theatrical plays. He was included into Guinness book as the most successful producer of all times.

But as for Aaron himself, he was proud of just 3 things in his life. They are his wife Candy, his children (actors Tori Spelling and Randy Spelling) and the movie “Charlie's Angels”.

Aaron Spelling’s Way On Top

Aaron Spelling young

The future Hollywood mogul Aaron Spelling had a very complicated childhood. His parents lived in poverty, and he was bullied at school. One day his classmates beat him so heavily, that he lost the ability to walk. But he recovered in a year and devoted all his free time to reading. Aaron was interested in novels and stories of many popular American writers, like Mark Twain or O’Henry. He made up his mind to become a writer.

Spelling started his career as the journalist of “Stars and Stripes”. A little later he began to write for the theater. Aaron Spelling career and earnings reached the new level, when he met the actor and producer Alan Ladd. Alan asked the writer Spelling to make a correction work for the script to the new movie. Aaron wrote his own script instead of it. Ladd was so impressed, that he offered the young genius the job of a producer.

Aaron Spelling with his wife Candy and children Tori and Randy

No need to say, that Aaron Spelling made an astonishing career and that he was worth each penny of his enormous salary. But Spelling was a homester. He hated parties and restaurants and didn’t like to go on vacation. He felt comfortable, just staying at home. By the way, Aaron’s house was also mentioned in Guinness book as the biggest mansion in the world. Producer’s residence consisted of 123 rooms.

Aaron Spelling House

Aaron Spelling house

Many journalists named Spellings’ home as “too luxurious even for Hollywood”. The millionaire Aaron was considered as too spoilt. But Aaron Spelling himself had another point of view. He was fed up of publicity, that’s why he created the house, which included bowling and swimming pool to relax and escape paparazzi eye. In addition Aaron’s children Tori and Randy fell in love with the mansion and spent most part of their free time at home. Thus Spelling was sure, his children are protected. They have become celebrities at a very young age and could go the wrong path.

Aaron Spelling house

Aaron Spelling’s house consisted of 27 bathrooms and 14 bedrooms. In general the home, usually named as “The Manor”, occupied 56, 000 sq.ft. Alongside the ordinary rooms, like a kitchen, a living-room etc, Spelling’s house included many specific rooms, like the humidity control premise or the room for cutting flowers.

After Spelling’s death the house was sold to a rich heiress Petra Ecclestone for $85 million.

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