Adam Sandler Wife Jackie: Breaking Stereotypes

Adam Sandler Wife Jackie Titone

Do you know the most widespread stereotype in Hollywood?  Yes, right, it’s the idea, that each big love ends with a divorce. We know many famous couples, who swore, they were two halves of a whole and then filed for divorce and began financial disputes. Thus Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp and many other ideal Hollywood couples parted their ways. But Adam and Jackie Sandler break stereotypes. They are still together and happy! What is the secret of this couple? Let’s see!

Who is Jackie Sandler?

Adam and Jackie Sandler

Born Jacqueline Samantha Titone is now 42. She is 8 years younger of her husband Adam Sandler. The girl spent her early years in Coral Springs (Florida). In her senior form Jacqueline started to make money of her own. She began modeling. Unexpectedly for Jackie herself, she has become popular and soon her name was a sensation in fashion world.

At the age of 25, Jackie felt, career of a model was nearing completion. She wanted to find another source of wealth. Thus the young beautiful girl decided to try acting.

Jackie debuted in “Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo” and after that made short appearances in some other movies. She hasn’t become a mega star; nevertheless acting helped her in the other way. She met the main love of her life at a film set.

Meeting and Engagement

Jackie Titone as a waitress in Big Daddy

It is simply to guess, that the sunny Florida native Jackie dreamed about love. She was going to have a big family too. She dreamed about it so faithfully, and one day happiness gave her its wide smile.

The director of “Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo” Rob Schneider started another project. He invited Adam Sandler to portray the main hero in “Big Daddy” and Jackie, who tried her best at a film set of “Deuce Bigalow…”, was asked to play a waitress. The young girl considered it as a perfect opportunity to propel career of an actress. And she propelled it – in some other way. Perfectly fit Jackie caught the heart of the movie star Adam Sandler and soon madly-in-love actor convinced producers to give Jacqueline a role in his next project “Little Nicky”. Thus Jackie played Jenna in the comedy and co-starred such mega-actresses as Patricia Arquette and Reese Witherspoon.

From that moment Jackie Titone’s career made a big leap forward. She featured in real movie hits, like “Duplex”, “50 First Dates” etc. But her sudden fame and wealth were nothing in comparison with Sandler’s pure love. They continued dating and Adam was preparing a surprise. He was ready to pop the main question.

Adam and Jackie Sandler

Later in his interview on “Good Morning America” Sandler told the great news. He remembered the day of engagement in detail. He was nervous and played basketball to calm down. While driving to Jackie’s home he repeated the words he wanted to say and dreamed to make this moment unforgettable for his sweetheart. He proposed, and the girl said “Yes!” Then she called her mother and grandmother and they shared the happy moment.

Jackie Titone tried her best to make their relationship happy. She even converted to Judaism (the girl is inborn catholic) to show, she is ready to follow her fiancé everywhere. Adam and Jackie were preparing for wedding.

Wedding and Secret of Happiness

Adam and Jackie Sandler wedding

The couple wedded on the 22nd of June, 2003. The wedding was arranged in Jewish traditions. Jackie and Adam exchanged the vows in a huge Malibu mansion. They invited 400 people. There were big stars among their guests, like Jennifer Aniston and Dustin Hoffman.

Jackie looked godlike in an airy dress from Carolina Herrera. Adam put on a suit from Armani. Humorous Sandler chose his dog Meatball as his best man.

To make their wedding ceremony perfect, the actors invited a party maker Mindy Weiss. Mindy prepared everything perfectly. The guests enjoyed cocktail hour before the dinner. They had a rest at numerous coaches, which were put for those, who wanted to relax. Everything around was decorated with flowers.

After the dinner Jackie and Adam danced their first wedding dance. The guests joined them. They enjoyed the music, provided by West Coast Music band.

Jackie and Adam Sandler

When the wedding was over and guests were leaving home, they were given a white small box with crispy doughnuts, which they were asked to have for breakfast for the next day.

Adam and Jackie Sandler daughters

From that day Jackie and Adam are still together. The secret of their happiness is trust. Jackie is never jealous and Adam never cheats her. He is a perfect husband and dad (Sandlers have two daughters). Every day he comes home early to spend more time with his family. 

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