Adele Net Worth is $125 Million



$135 million


$125 million


£85 million


$64 million

Adele net worth

Nicknames: Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, Addie

Date of birth: the 5th of May, 1988

Profession: singer

Nationality: United Kingdom

Source of wealth: music

Adele Net Worth by Year

(Estimated by Moneynation)


$10 million


$17 million


$47 million


$63 million


$64 million


Adele is celebrated as a talented English singer, whose unique strong voice helped her earn $125 million net worth. That amount seems even more impressive, if to pay attention to the fact that she is just 28 years old and her career is in its rising arc. Probably, the next year Adele will boast with much higher earnings, but in 2016 she has made $80, 5 million, according to Forbes, and was ranked as one of the highest paid celebrities in the world. So, what did Adele do to get such a solid paycheck?

First of all the star got lots of cash for selling of her third one and the latest for now album, named “25”. She has already released three albums; each of them took its title from her age. Following Taylor Swift’s example, Adele refused to release her album on streaming resources. So, if the fans wanted to listen to her music, they had to pay for the whole album or for the single, which they could download for cash too. Adele told in her interview to Times, that she had made this courage decision to show her attitude towards music, which must be an event for everyone. She was ready for her album to become a flop, but unexpectedly she sold millions of copies within the first week and thus broke all possible records in both, USA and UK.

The other part of star’s impressive salary comes from Adele Live Tour, which made about $22 million worldwide. So, Adele proved one more time that she is one of the most talented modern singers.

Adele was discovered occasionally. She released some of her songs through MySpace and was signed by a small company XL Recordings. When she started to record her first songs with the company, she met a manager Jonathan Dickins, who propelled her career. Adele has become a star after the release of a single “Hometown Glory”.

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