How Much is A. J. Cook Worth?

AJ Cook is a popular American film and television actress, a model and entrepreneur who has amassed a net worth of $5 million. She started appearing on a TV screen from a very young age and has won many praises for her stellar performances in her films and her roles.

Her path to stardom was not an easy one as he got her first job of a service girl in McDonald’s. However, her terrific beauty and charisma gave her opportunity to soon embark in Goosebumps TV series as a quest and then receive numerous offering from film directors. It was her role as Mary Lisbon in Sofia Coppola’s eminent picture, The Virgin Suicides which kick-started her career on big screen in 1999.

For AJ Cook career, quite a significant moment occurred after her portrayal of Jennifer Jareau in chart-topping television shows Criminal Minds that runs from 2005 up to now. The popular drama was known to be successful only because Cook was a part of the same. She was known to charge $100,000 for every single episode of Criminal Minds that actually augmented her popularity. She also had made outstanding appearances in other TV series and films like Higher Ground (2000), Ripper (2001), The House Next Door (2002), Final Destination 2 (2003), Misconceptions (2008) and more.

She is very much passionate about filmmaking world. Throughout her career, AJ Cook has put in very hard efforts which has made her achieve the success and fame she has now. Her performances are appreciated by critics across the spectrum and have won the hearts of her fans.