How Much is Al Jarreau Worth?

Al Jarreau died on the 12th of February, 2017 in one of Los Angeles hospitals. Two days before his death he cancelled all his tours and announced his retirement. The legendary musician was 76 at the moment of death. During several decades of his activity he managed to save $16 million net worth.

If you have a look at his site, you will find the words of sorrow, which the fans devoted to their favorite performer. “His second passion was music. There’s was no third one. And the first one was his intention to support those, who were in trouble”, is written about a legendary R&B and Jazz performer.

What was the life and success story of a person, who had won 7 Grammy awards and recorded the main theme for the popular series “Moonlighting”?

Born Alwin Lopez Jarreau started his career at the age of 4. But he hadn’t earned any money; as it was mentioned above, money hadn’t been the most important thing in his life. The son of Adventist church minister, he sang in the church choir since his kindergarten age. He continued singing up to the graduation from school and then entered Ripon College, where he was trained as a psychologist. He had never forgotten about music and sang in the students’ band “Indigo”, but he didn’t think about become a pro musician.

Having graduated from college, Al started to work as a psychologist and his aim was not to put cash into his pockets, but to support people in trouble.

Finally, his interest to music had completely captured his heart, and Al Jarreu has become a part of George Duke jazz trio.

Then the deep sweet voice of the singer was noticed by Warner Brother’s manager, and the young gifted musician was signed by the studio. Soon he monetized his talent, having released the debut album “We Got By”. The album pulled Jarreu to stardom. He was immediately awarded with German Grammy.

Probably, his most famous album is “Breakin’ Away”, which he presented in 1981. In general the jazz star recorded 17 studio albums, the last one was released in 2014. In 2012 the legendary singer got a star at Hollywood Walk of Fame.