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Alanis Morissette


Alanis Morissette

Alanis Morissette Net Worth is $45 Million

How rich is Alanis Morissette?

Nicknames: Alanis Nadine Morissette

Date of birth: the 1st of June, 1974

Profession: singer, actress, producer

Nationality: Canada; United States of America

Source of wealth: music, television, movies

How much is Alanis Morissette Worth?

Alanis Morissette net worth

Although Alanis Morissette net worth has become $7 million less because of her dishonest manager Jonathan Schwartz, still she owns a solid wealth. By the way, Jonathan, who siphoned Alanis’s money, was sentenced to prison for 6 years. And Alanis continued to save her wealth, which is currently estimated at $45 million.

Many people wonder, how it is possible to earn such a big sum of money. In fact, Alanis Morissette made the major part of her net worth through her singing activity. She rose to stardom after the release of her first US album “Jagged Little Pill”. Till now this album is considered as one of the best selling in the world. Morissette got 7 Grammies for her project. Currently the star has already produced 8 studio albums. They are sold in USA, Canada and many other countries, so Alanis gets constant income from her albums.

The other part of her wealth Alanis Morissette earned, working as an actress. She tried her hand as a performer for the first time in the TV show “You Can't Do That On Television”. She managed to develop a huge fan base as an actress, so soon she was invited into a number of other projects. No need to say, that it increased Morissette’s income. After that she starred in many films and TV shows, including “Sex and the City”, “American Idol: The Search for a Superstar”, “The Price of Desire” etc. It’s interesting to know, that while Alanis Morissette was at a film set of “Sex and the City”, she managed to kiss Sarah Jessica Parker.

Alanis Morissette in Sex and the City

So, Alanis Morissette monetized her talent of an entertainer and accumulated a solid wealth. But how did she find her path on top?

Alanis Morissette’s Way On Top

Alanis Morissette was brought up by two educators. She was an active child, so her parents took the girl to dancing lessons, when she turned 7. Approximately that very age she began to take music lessons. At the age of 10 Alanis had already written her first song, which she sent to Lindsay Morgan. The popular folk singer helped the talented girl to record her first demo.

Morissette participated in the talent show “Star Search”. As the contestant, she visited LA for the first time. But Alanis’s talent was not valued high and she was dropped out after the first part of the competition.

Nevertheless Alanis Morissette was signed by MCA Publishing and with their support released her first album, named after herself.

Morissette’s singing career was propelled after the success of her first American album, produced in 1996. From that moment Morissette’s earnings are unbelievably high.

Alanis Morissette album

She uses her money to make the life of her family members comfortable. The actress is married to a rapper Souleye. The couple has a son and a daughter. They live in a big house in LA.

Alanis Morissette House and Cars

Alanis Morissette House

Alanis Morissette keeps her private life closed from the strangers’ eyes, that’s why not a lot is known about her house. It is just known, that the star has a big mansion in LA, California. The house is quite spacious. There’s a big swimming pool in the back part of the house.

Alanis Morissette car

As for cars, Alanis Morissette was rumored to drive Jaguar XJ. The celebrated singer was noticed in a big black vehicle of that kind. She enjoyed the calm drive in a luxurious car, which engine is quite powerful and cabin is quite cozy and roomy. Such a car is a dream for many people, but it is just one item in Alanis’s car collection.

Her other favorite car is BMW X5. It is black too (probably, Morissette likes this color). The car belongs to the high class vehicles and is one of the most popular choices among celebrities.

So, Alanis Morissette’s fans can be sure, their favorite singer and actress leads a great life!

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