Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein Net Worth was $1 Million.




$12 million


$1 million





Nicknames: Einstein

Date of birth: the 14th of March, 1879

Date of death: the 18th of April, 1955

Profession: scientist, author, physicist

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: science patents

Albert Einstein is, probably, the most contradictory scientist in the world. He had a net worth of $1 million. Now the members of his family licensed Albert’s image and earn about $12 million annually on his name (estimated by Celebritynetworth).

It is interested to know that the cleverest person in the world had bad marks at school. He was a son of ordinary parents, his father earned his living as a salesman and mother was a violinist.

Albert got interested in science from the very childhood, when his father showed the boy a compass and small Einstein wanted to know, what causes the needle movements.

After graduating from school the future millionaire started to serve as a patent clerk. He tried his hand as an author and wrote several scientific works per year. Einstein got international recognition in 1905, when he discovered the legendary formula E = mc2.

In 1921 Albert Einstein’s talent was proved officially, when he got the Nobel Peace Prize in Physics. He got it for the law of photoelectric effect, which he had discovered and described.

Einstein died at the age of 76 because of heart failure. As the legend says, the genius refused from an operation as he was against of “prolonging his life artificially”.

He left a great net worth to his children (a scientist had two biological sons and three adopted daughters). Now the members of Einstein family created the brand “Baby Einstein”, which brings them about $12 million annually.

Thus it is possible to say that accomplished scientist Albert Einstein earns millions of dollars till now, many decades after his death.

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