Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez Net Worth is $300 Million



$300 million


$300 million



Alex Rodriguez net worth

Nicknames: Alexander Emmanuel "Alex" Rodriguez, A-Rod

Date of birth: the 27th of July, 1975

Profession: baseball player

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: baseball

Alex Rodriguez Net Worth by Year


$26 million


$63 million


$144 million


$162 million


$199 million


$219 million


$235 million


Alex Rodriguez, or A-Rod, as his fans call him, has earned in 2016 $21, 1 million (according to Forbes). In general his net worth is estimated as $300 million. Unlike many other popular athletes, most part of that amount he has earned, playing baseball, not participating in various endorsement deals. Alex is considered as one of the most high-paid and most successful baseball players in the world. During 22 years in professional baseball he played for various teams like “Texas Rangers”, “Seattle Mariners”, “New York Yankees”. His career was full of ups and downs, but he was always ready to start from the very beginning and to prove, he was a worthy player. In 2017 Alex plans to retire from professional sports as he has already crossed his 40-year line.

Alex Rodriguez is famous to sign two most lucrative contracts in baseball history. In 2000 he signed $252 million contract with the Rangers and in 2007 he signed 10-year contract for $275 million with the Yankees.

A-Rod’s career way was full of achievements. Thus he is considered as the youngest player, who had made 500 home runs (which is a record).

But he has dark spots in his biography either. In July 2007, it was discovered that a certain period of time Alex took steroids. The player confirmed that in the period from 2001 to 2003 he took banned drugs. He explained that he had been put under very strong pressure, he was involved into his family and career problems, which caused him to use steroids. He was suspended for 162 games and only in the season 2016 he returned to baseball to win again. 

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