How Much is Alexander Ludwig Worth?

Born Alexander Richard Ludwig is a young but famous Canadian actor and singer. The exact amount of his net worth is a matter of dispute; some issues rank it as incredibly high, which is not right. He owns $3 million fortune, which is a solid amount for such a young entertainer. He had just started to make cash, and hopefully, soon he will make much more.

Alexander grew up in an affluent family. His father is a rich successful businessman, and mother made her fortune as an actress. But she left her occupation, when she got married and gave a birth to 4 children (Alexander has a brother and two sisters).

He dreamed to become an actor from his primary school age, but his parents refused as they thought, child stars very often became losers when they got older. But Alexander Ludwig was persistent, and finally his parents took him to for audition. He was cast to Harry Potter toy commercial, and later appeared in a short film.

Having graduated from school, Alexander Ludwig decided to pursue acting professionally. He studied acting in the University of Southern California. He debuted on the big screen in a minor role in “Eve and the Fire Horse”.

Alexander’s big break took place in 2012, when he portrayed Cato in “The Hunger Games”. The work of a young actor was highly appreciated by critics and the audience. He got his first big award – MTV Movie Award for the best fight.

From that moment Alexander Ludwig appears in 1-2 new movies annually. He played in “Vikings” TV series, “Lone Survivor”, “The Final Girls” etc.

Alexander Ludwig develops his skills as a singer too. This brings him some additional income. In 2012 he recorded his first single “Liv It Up”.

Zxander can boast with ideal physical beauty. It makes him a desirable person for various endorsement deals. He endorsed Abercrombie and Fitch and Bulgari.

Alexander Ludwig has a chance to become one of new big stars in cinema industry.