Alicia Silverstone

Alicia Silverstone Net Worth is $20 Million

How rich is Alicia Silverstone?

Nicknames: Alicia Silverstone; Queen Slice

Date of birth: the 4th of October, 1976

Profession: actress, producer, author

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: television, movies, books

How Much is Alicia Silverstone Worth?

The famous American actress, model and TV producer Alicia Silverstone earned $20 million net worth. She started to work as a model at a very early age and then made a successful transition from modeling to acting. The teenager Alicia Silverstone debuted in the series “The Wonder Years”. She gained initial recognition and got used to a fat paycheck. From that moment Silverstone made her choice – she decided to become a professional actress.

Alicia Silverstone and Kevin Arnold in Wonder Years

Currently she enjoys a high level of income. Just have a look at the actress’s salary for some of her movie roles.

Alicia Silverstone Salary for Some of her Movies:

“Clueless” in 1995

$250, 000

“Batman & Robin” in 1997

$1, 5 million

“Excess Baggage” in 1997

$5 million

Alongside acting, Alicia increased her wealth through producing. She invested money in several projects, which later became movie hits and turned her back with multi-million income. She produced an action “Excess Baggage” and then animation series “Braceface”.

How much is Alicia Silverstone worth?

Alicia Silverstone is a woman of a rare beauty. No wonder, that she got numerous endorsements’ offers. She was known to advertise Domino’s Pizza Inc., which of course, contributed to her net worth.

Thus Alicia accumulated her fortune. But how did that all start?

Alicia Silverstone’s Way On Top

Alicia Silverstone young

The beautiful red-haired girl seemed to be created for show business. Her big eyes, slim silhouette and fragile smile made her a teen idol of 1990s.

She was born in the family of real estate agent and Pan Am flight attendant. When the girl turned 6, her father used her photos to advertise his business. The cute little girl immediately gained a large fan base. Soon her parents got offers from other companies to advertise their products.

Alicia Silverstone way on top

Having started from printed ads, Alicia soon got an invitation to participate in television commercials. That inspired the girl to try her hand in acting. At the age of 16 she debuted in the episode of “The Wonder Years”.

After that Alicia changed the focus of her career and began to act in various music videos. On occasion she met young Liv Tyler, the daughter of Aerosmith leading singer. Liv recommended Alicia to her father, and the teen girl starred in the band’s video “Cryin’”. After that she participated in several other Aerosmith videos.

The next step, which Alicia made on her way to multi-million fortune, was the acting in a thriller “The Crush’.

Probably, the brightest screen work of Alicia Silverstone was in the movie “Clueless”. The comedy, where Alicia and her Hollywood colleagues Paul Rudd, Stacey Dash and Brittany Murphy told the viewers a story about a rich girl, who tried to bring together two teachers from her school, has become that very big break the actress was looking for. After that her salary jumped up immediately and reached several millions per one movie.

Alicia Silverstone net worth

Among the recent screen works of an actress there are a drama “Catfight” and comedy “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul”. When Alicia is not busy at a film set, she spends free time with her 6 year-old son Bear Blu and a husband the actor Christopher Jarecki. Have a look at their house!

Alicia Silverstone House

Alicia Silverstone and her husband Christopher Jarecki

The daughter of a rich London businessman, Alicia had her own idea of ​​a luxuries house. In Alicia’s understanding, the house should look like Disney Princess's castle, where she lived, waiting for her Prince. No wonder, that having reached her star status, the girl had chosen a private residence, constructed in the Victorian style. This pretentious style, featuring a lot of architectural decorations and small details, seemed to many people as tasteless and pretentious, but it was the best one for self-reserved Englishwoman Alicia Silverstone.

Alicia Silverstone house

The house, located in Los Angeles, immediately caught Alicia’s heart with its tall round towers, a multi-level roof with a mansard and solid walls, built of yellowish brick. It was reliable, comfortable and beautiful. So, Alicia Silverstone didn’t hesitate and bought it for $1, 2 million. Currently she resides there with her family.

Alicia Silverstone Car

Alicia Silverstone car

Alicia Silverstone is a well-known lover of Toyota vehicles. She used to tell in her interviews, that this car brand is her favorite. For her everyday use the movie star chose Toyota Prius, which cost her $65, 000.

Alicia Silverstone car

The five-door silver car is one of the most reliable and high-tech in the world. At the same time, the vehicle is fuel-efficient- and even celebs try to spend  money reasonably. So, it’s a great choice, Alicia!

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