Alisan Porter

Alisan Porter Net Worth is $500, 000

How rich is Alisan Porter?

Nickname: Alisan Leigh Porter

Date of birth: the 20th of June, 1981

Profession: actress, singer, dancer

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: television, movies, music

How Much is Alisan Porter Worth?

Alisan Porter is celebrated all over the world as an actress, singer and dancer. She was completely involved into work in the entertainment industry and it turned her back with $500, 000 net worth. Probably, that amount seems too modest for a Hollywood star. Nevertheless she has participated in a number of really successful movies and TV series. So, she is worth to be read about.

In 1991 Alisan Porter played the lead role in a family comedy “Curly Sue”. The girl, who portrayed a screen daughter of James Belushi, a tomboy with a big heart, immediately became the idol for many boys and girls all over the world.

Alisan Porter and James Belushi in Curly Sue

In fact, Porter was really skilful as an actress. She showed the story of a small orphan, who later found her family, so sincerely and in humorous optimistic way.

Viewers all over the world cried and laughed with her. Alisan Porter was a really high-paid child actress. And everyone was sure, she is going to win an Oscar in future.

But unfortunately, Porter’s career of an actress failed. She made short appearances in the series “Chicken Soup” and “Perfect Strangers”.

But in 2000s Alisan Porter started another page in her career way – she turned into a singer. In 2009 the young woman released her debut album “Alisan Porter”. In 2016 she won the talent contest “The Voice” and performed in duo with Christina Aguilera.

Alisan Porter’s Way On Top

The child-prodigy Alisan Porter was born in Worcester, MS in a family of a dancing coach Laura Klein and a jazz singer Rick Porter.

Her mother trained the girls for the talent show “Star Search”. She prepared her five-year-old daughter Alisan for the contest too and she became the youngest to win it.

The talented child caught eyes of reputable producers, and she was cast in Ron Howard film “Parenthood”. Several years later she appeared in “Curly Sue”, which till now is considered as her best screen work.

Alisan Porter as a singer

Currently Alisan joins her work in entertainment industry with a family life – she brings up two children with a businessman Brian Autenrieth.

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