Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson Net Worth is $1 Million



$1 million


-$1 million


$1 million


Allen Iverson net worth

Nicknames: Allen Ezail Iverson, Ivy

Date of birth: the 7th of June, 1975

Profession: basketball player, rapper

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: basketball, rap

Allen Iverson has $1 million net worth, which is not so big, if to take into consideration the fact that he was considered as one of the most talented basketball players in the world. Allen is a retired athlete now, but during his years in sports he had won numerous titles like NBA Rookie of the Year, NBA Most Valuable Player, Olympic Bronze Medalist in 2004 (as a part of a basketball team) and many others. Basketball was his most reliable source of wealth. Now the ex-sports star tries his forces as a rapper and according to Forbes, he is a hit maker in this area too. His track “White Iverson” was included into the Billboard Hot 100.

Allen Iverson started his career in pro basketball occasionally. That time he appeared in jail after a big fight in the bar. He was a student of Georgetown University and was a member of University basketball team. His trainer, John Thompson, helped young Allen to go out of jail. Thompson promised a judge, that Iverson would study thoroughly and play basketball, to prove, he was ready to improve his reputation. Soon Allen Iverson fell in love with basketball and quit his studying to devote his life to sports career.

At first Allen played for Philadelphia 76ers. That very time Iverson became a basketball star as his incredible talent was noticed at first sight. He gathered money and titles like mushrooms after rain, and at the same time was criticized for his too selfish play. (Being a team point guard, Allen was not fast to pass the ball to other players). His numerous arrests added fuel to the fire. During the last years of his career Iverson had to play for European teams, as American teams avoided him for his too contradictory image.

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