Allison Mack biography
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Allison Mack Net Worth

$2 million

  • Real name / birth name Allison Christin Mack
  • Occupation actress, director
  • Source of Wealth television, movies
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth July 29, 1982
  • Age 40
  • Zodiac sign Leo
  • Birth place Preetz, Germany
  • Education Los Alamitos High School
Sources 2018 $2 million $2 million $2 million

$2 million


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How Much is Allison Mack Worth?

Allison Mack owns $7 million net worth. Her wealth comes from her salary for various movie roles. She makes money both, as an actress and a director. Allison started her career at a very young age as the small girl in the movie “Police Academy 6: City Under Siege”. She reached her peak in 2001, when she won the part in the series “Smallville”. Allison portrayed Tom Welling screen friend Chloe Sullivan. “Smallville” is based on Superman comics and tells about the young years of the superhero. Started as a simple low-budget project, very soon “Smallville” became a massive television hit. Now it’s ranked as the second longest TV show (after “Supernatural”), based on comics.

No need to say, that the actors, who played regular roles in “Smallville” were catapulted to stardom. Allison Mack was among them.

The series contributed to Allison Mack net worth, but even after its end the actress didn’t stop.

She appears in new projects each year, and the new roles augment her wealth. From 2011 till 2014 she acted as Amanda in “Wilfred” series. In the show Allison Mack acted opposite the legendary actor Elijah Wood.

Allison Mack keeps appearing on TV till now. She was a guest star in the series “American Odyssey” and voiced the character in the animation series “Lost In Oz”.

As a TV director, Allison Mack worked on two episodes of “Smallville”. That new job opened the new source of wealth for her.

Thus, for now Allison Mack is a famous financially protected woman. But how did she start her way on top?

Allison Mack Bio and Career

The outstanding American actress Allison Mack was born in Germany. She grew up in USA, where her family moved in 1984. The girl’s father was a famous opera singer. Thus, Allison was a member of show business family, and it inspired her to try her hand as an entertainer.

Allison Mack earned her first money as a child model. She appeared in ads for chocolate. The girl continued to make cash through advertising various goods, but she had never considered modeling as her profession. Mack dreamed to become an actress, and she was trained at The Young Actors Space. Allison got a chance to demonstrate her talent of an actress at a young age. She debuted in “Police Academy 6” and then played a small role in “7th Heaven”.

Now in Allison Mack film list there are really great interesting movies and TV shows, which became favorite for many people all over the world. Among them there are the hits “Camp Nowhere”, “Unlikely Angel”, “The Batman” and many others.

Really, Allison Mack has become incredibly successful professionally. But her personal life is the source of rumors.

Allison Mack dated a Canadian star Chad Krowchuk and an American actor Sam Witwer.

In autumn, 2017 Allison was accused by a popular publicist Frank Parlato in being the part of NXIVM, the sex cult. According to Parlato, the actress convinced 25 women to become the part of the cult and thus turned them into sexual slaves. Of course, the actress denied the rumors. She even started a court process against Parlato.

In spring, 2018 Allison Mack tied the knot with a woman. The Canadian actress Nicki Clyne has become Allison’s spouse. But the actresses deny the romantic connection between them. Allison opened up, she married Nicki to provide her with American citizenship.

Allison Mack has interesting life. She resides in a big and comfortable apartment.


The most part of her life Allison Mack spends in Los Angeles. No wonder, because she works there. But when the actress is free from various TV projects and movie roles, she relaxes in a huge apartment, which is situated in Cobble Hill (New York borough).

The apartment consists of a bedroom, a living-room, a kitchen and a spacious balcony, where there’s a sofa and lots of flower pots.

It turned out, that Allison Mack is a big fan of art and walls of her apartment are decorated with numerous art works.

Allison Mack seems to be happy here. “I have always dreamed to live in NY”, she said.


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