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Amber Heard Net Worth

$9 million

  • Real name / birth name Amber Laura Heard
  • Occupation actress, model
  • Source of Wealth movies, modeling
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth April 22, 1986
  • Age 36
  • Zodiac sign Aries
  • Birth place Austin, Texas, United States
Sources 2016 2018 $9 million $4.5 million $9 million

$9 million


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How Much is Amber Heard Worth?

Although Amber Heard started her career long ago, her name has become widely known mostly after her marriage to a Hollywood legend Johnny Depp. No need to say, that Amber’s level of life increased, when rich Johnny started to shower her with gifts and opened the doors of his mansion in front of her.

But Amber left her family paradise in spring, 2016, when she had filed divorce papers. After that Heard’s net worth has become a matter of dispute. Some issues estimated Amber’s wealth as $9 million, the others suppose it is just $4, 5 million. According to Amber’s court papers, her wealth is melting like a snow under the rays of a spring sun. The actress, whose monthly income is about $10, 000, spends at least $44, 000 every month on clothes, restaurant dinners and vacations. Heard planned to get about $50, 000 of spousal support from her ex-husband Johnny Depp (whose net worth was close to $400 million). But Johnny tried his best to leave Amber without his money as he was really offended by the assaults he received from his ex-wife through mass media.

Aside her marriage, the beauty Amber Heard earned her living as a model and actress. She is hard to be called the highest-paid actress, nevertheless her salary increased after the success of the movie “The Rum Diary”, where she portrayed Chenault. That very movie brought her meeting with Johnny Depp.

Amber Heard developed her initial success and appeared in some other projects, which parlayed her star status. She starred in “Syrup” and “Machete Kills”. For her play in “The Adderall Diaries” she earned $416, 667.

The earnings of an actress are not the only one source of her wealth. Heard is a real beauty, and she managed to monetize that her quality. The star is a desirable person for numerous endorsement deals. Amber Heard advertised the brands Guess, Nylon TV etc.

In addition Heard appeared in 2 music videos – she starred in Eisley’s and Kenny Chesney’s videos.

Amber Heard Bio and Career

Johnny and Amber’s divorce was finalized in January, 2017. The actress’s fans worried about her net worth. Everyone knew that Heard had complicated relationships with money. The beauty earned about $250, 000 annually from her acting and endorsements deals (according to Mail Online), but she spent about $209, 000. So, the beauty spent almost all money she got.

Probably, Amber Heard dreamed about another life, when she decided to become an actress.

The girl grew up in Austin, Texas in a middle-class family. Amber starred in school plays, and it inspired her become an actress. At the age of 13 she began to earn some money as a cleaner. Amber wanted to save money for portfolio.

Three years later Heard’s friend died in a car crash. Being inconsolable after her friend’s death, the girl moved to New York.

Amber Heard earned her living as a model, but still she felt unsatisfied with her career. Soon she moved to LA to become an actress.

The blonde played the roles in the series “The O.C.”, “Criminal Minds” and “Hidden Palms”. She was catapulted to stardom after her acquaintance with Johnny Depp.

According to divorce papers, Amber Heard got $7 million from her ex-husband. In addition, she received two vehicles.


In her better days, Amber Heard lived in Johnny Depp’s mansion in LA. The woman, who was named “a gold-digger” in press, of course, dreamed to own this luxurious residence.

But the court left the mansion to Johnny. The Pirates of the Caribbean star also received the other house – in Kentucky. It is not known, where the actress lives now, if she owns some apartment, or she just rents it.

In addition, 42 vehicles – golf carts, boats, cars etc – remained in Johnny Depp’s property.

But Amber took with her two vehicles – Range Rover and Ford Mustang. Many fans are offended by the unfair divorce process, but the cars Amber got were estimated at about $36, 000 and $30, 000 respectively. Not bad for 1 year of marriage, isn’t it?


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