How Much is Amir Khan Worth?

Amir Khan is celebrated as a talented British boxer of Pakistani origin. He was the only one, who was able to resist the outstanding Cuban boxer Mario Kindelan during the 2004 Olympic Games. Amir Khan lost to him in the final game, but later he took a revenge. In 2005 he defeated Mario Kindelan, who was 13 years his senior, and after that had made up his decision to become a professional boxer.

In his still young age the athlete saved $30 million net worth. His success story can be described in simple words, “poor-boy-made-it-good”. Amir Khan was born in the family of Pakistani immigrants. He comes from Punjabi Rajputs, and is a devoured Muslim.

Amir Khan was not rich in his early years, but he had never thought about money. He was completely captured with his passion to box. The boy showed great results from his teens. He won three titles as the representative of his school team, ABA titles as junior and finally junior Olympic gold medal in 2003.

His victories in various junior tournaments inspired the amateur boxer to become professional. He won the junior contest in Bulgaria, and then proved his star status, having won silver medal at the Athens Games in 2004.

No need to say, that Amir Khan titles and medals made his earnings bigger and bigger from year to year. The whole amount of his annual earnings hasn’t been publicized. But it is known exactly, that he had made $600, 000 from his fight with a boxer Julio Diaz in 2013. The year earlier he had made at least $2 million from his fights against American pro athlete Danny Garcia and Mexican Carlos Molina (according to Therichest).

Amir Khan earns a lot, but he deserves it, as each his fight grosses about $30 million. The tickets to his matches are sold in record time. His fights are watched and rewatched all the time. During the years of his career he participated in 35 fights and lost just 4 of them.