Amy Grant

Amy Grant Net Worth is $55 Million

How rich is Amy Grant?

Nickname: Amy Lee Grant

Date of birth: the 25th of November, 1960

Profession: singer, actress, songwriter, author

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: television, music, books

How Much is Amy Grant Worth?

To know Amy Grant better, just listen to her songs. Her career started in late 70s and lasts till now. During her years at musical Olympus Amy changed her image and turned from a gospel singer with a face of an angel into a pop singer with a hot body and sexual curls. She knew everything – love, reverence, hate and criticism. But in any case she remained hardworking and optimistic. Thus the popular singer Amy Grant saved $55 million net worth.

Amy started to accumulate her wealth in early 80s, when she was ranked as the new gospel star. Her debut album “Amy Grant” turned to be quite successful and brought the girl, who was 17 at that time, international popularity.

But she won her place among the most popular music stars in the world in 1982, when she released her fourth album “Age to Age”. The young singer with a strong pure voice and beautiful looks immediately became a sensation. She got numerous awards for her album, including her first Grammy (in general Amy collected 5 Grammy awards).

After that Amy Grant skillfully combined the image of a high-paid music star with the spiritual character of her music. But probably, it bored her to death soon, as Amy Grant decided to change her status of the most popular female gospel singer for the beautiful, but vicious life of a pop star.

Amy Grant net worth

Her first pop songs “Find a Way” and “Wise Up” have become hits. Soon she released the pop album “Heart in Motion”, which got platinum status.

Amy Grant Alternative Sources of Wealth

So, the most part of her wealth Amy Grant got through the career of a musician. But that activity was not the only one, which made the woman richer from year to year.

She authored several books, which were sold all over the world, bringing passive income to the celebrated singer. In 2007 she presented autobiography “Pieces of My Life So Far”, where she shared with fans her life story and secrets of success.

Amy Grant book

In addition Amy participated in a number of endorsements, which brought her cash too. She advertised American Express and Target stores.

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