Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel Net Worth is $11, 5 Million



$11,5 million


$11,5 million



Angela Merkel net worth

Nicknames: Angela Dorothea Kasner, the Decider

Date of birth: the 17th of June, 1954

Profession: politician, the Head of State

Nationality: Germany

Source of wealth: politics

Angela Merkel is not just the head of Germany; she is also the 3rd most powerful person in the world (ranked by Forbes). Angela Dorothea gained international popularity in 2005, when she was elected as the chancellor of Germany. She was the first woman in the country to occupy that position. Merkel added some extra kudos to her image, when she was named by Forbes as “the de facto leader of EU”. Now Angela Merkel has to work under severe conditions, when she deals with Russian aggression on the continent and copes with more than 1 million refugees in her country. But she has always been the best in solving complicated situation. It is not known, what source of wealth the powerful lady will have in 2017, when the next presidential elections take place. But now she is firmly based on her $11, 5 million net worth.

Angela Kasner got excellent up-bringing. Her father was a teacher and a Lutheran minister, and it was he, who taught his daughter to be devout and strong. The girl was a brilliant pupil at school and then she continued her education at the University of Leipzig.

Angela started to earn her living as a scientist at first. She was involved into policy in 1989 after the fall of Berlin Wall. Her first political position was the spokesperson for the East German Government.

In 2000 Angela Merkel was appointed as the head of the Christian Democratic Union. In 2005 she was elected as German chancellor. Since then Angela got the nickname “the Decider” in press as she was the best in solving complicated political situations and in coping with world economical crisis. 

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