Angie Martinez biography
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Angie Martinez Net Worth

$2 million

  • Real name / birth name Angela Martinez
  • Occupation radio host, rapper, actress
  • Source of Wealth radio, music, television
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth January 9, 1971
  • Age 52
  • Zodiac sign Capricorn
  • Birth place Brooklyn, New York City, New York, United States
Sources 2018 $2 million $2 million $2 million

$2 million


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How Much is Angie Martinez Worth?

Nicknamed as “The Voice of New York”, this fair-haired woman knows that the most important thing in the world is having your own voice. She has made a wonderful career and saved $2 million net worth during more than 3 decades of her activity. The major part of her wealth comes from her salary of radio host. She hosted her own show “The Angie Martinez Show”, which has become popular among the listeners of HOT 97 station. Angie interviewed various celebrities, including Jay Z and Mariah Carey. Her listeners were of quite young age, which is a big privilege for a radio host.

The other part of Angie Martinez’s income came from her acting gigs. She made occasional appearances on TV and in independent films. For example, her fans admired Angie in “Brown Sugar”, the romantic film, and in crime comedy “Paper Soldiers”.

And finally Angie Martinez earned some cash from rapping. As the popular host used to tell later, she was not going to become a rapper, but one of her close friends, a rapper KRS-One inspired her to try. Angie’s rapper experience has become successful. She released her first album “Animal House” in 2002, which made her popular. She earned her Grammy nomination in 1998 too.

These three activities made Angie Martinez rich. But what was her way on top?

Angie Martinez Bio and Career

Angie Martinez earned her first money at the age of 16. Then she got her first job on the radio – she answered hot lines. Angie’s Martinez big break was when she got acquainted with DJ Funkmaster Flex. He helped her start her show.

Most part of her life Angie Martinez worked at HOT 1997. She left her home radio station in 2014 and started to serve at Power 105.1. As she used to tell, it was the hardest decision in her life.

In 2016 Angie Martinez released her biography book “My Voice”, where she told about her career and shared the secrets of success. Of course, she got a solid income from selling of her memoir too.


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