Anita Baker

Anita Baker Net Worth is $80 Million

How rich is Anita Baker?

Nickname: Anita Denise Baker

Date of birth: the 26th of January, 1958

Profession: singer, songwriter

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: music

How Much is Anita Baker Worth?

Anita Baker is performing at one of her shows

The famous American jazz singer and songwriter owns $80 million net worth. The major source of her wealth was her activity of a musician. Baker rose to fame in 1986, when she presented her second solo album “Rapture”. Supported by several hit singles, such as “Sweet Love” and “Caught Up in the Rapture”, the album enjoyed international popularity. Eight millions of copies of “Rapture” were sold in USA and Europe. The disk was certified as multi-platinum.

Thus Anita Baker was catapulted to stardom. She developed her sudden success and launched her first international tour “The Rapture Tour”. Baker was showered with cash, as the tickets to her tour were sold faster than hot pies in winter. In general she hold 43 shows within a tour – 40 in North America and 3 in Europe.

For now Anita is retired from music industry. But the selling of her 6 studio albums (4 of them got platinum status) bring her constant passive income. In addition to albums, Anita Baker can boast with 24 singles, most of which became massive hits. One of the most successful is the single “Giving You the Best That I Got”, which was ranked as the first one in US R&B chart.

Anita Baker’s talent was proved not just with a high level of earnings, but also with numerous awards, including 8 Grammies.

Anita Baker attends 55th Grammy Awards

As a special guest, Anita Baker was invited to numerous TV shows, which brought her additional fame and wealth. She featured in “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, “Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, “The Tony Danza Show” etc.

So, Anita Baker reached the highest standard of living and remains an affluent person. But how did she start her illustrious career?

Anita Baker’s Way On Top

Anita Baker young

The early years of a jazz star Anita Baker are not clear. She doesn’t like to tell about that period in her life, when she thought that she “was not good enough”. Anita’s biological mother was just 16 years old, when she gave a birth to her baby girl. After that she left her newborn child to a relative Mary Lewis and went away.

When Anita was 13, her adoptive mother passed away. Thus the girl was raised by an older adoptive sister.

From her teens Anita Baker was interested in music. She sang in a church choir, and her deep beautiful voice captured the hearts of church members.

Soon Baker began performing not just in the church, but in the clubs too. She chose music as a career in late 1970s, when she was cast to Chapter 8 band. Several years later Anita Baker left launched her solo career. She recorded the first album “The Songstress” in 1983. Unfortunately, it didn’t enjoy commercial success. In fact, Anita baker didn’t get any profit from the selling of her album as the recording label Beverly Glen cheated her. Baker had a long court battle with the band, which she won.

Anita Baker "Rapture"

In 1985 she was signed with another brand Elektra Records and released the album “Rapture”, which made her a star.

Currently Anita Baker is not so active as a singer. She is divorced. With her ex-husband Walter Bridgeforth she has two sons – Edward and Walter.

Anita Baker with her sons

Anita Baker House

The house a person lives at is the reflection of one’s individuality, just like the friends or favorite brands. That’s why to know the favorite celebrity better, it is necessary to have a look at the house one lives in.

Anita Baker net worth

Anita Baker is an owner of multi-million wealth, so she can buy any residence she likes in any city or town in the world. But she preferred a nice cottage in a suburb to a big stunning mansion in a globalised megapolis.

Her residence is neither big nor small. It is situated in Grosse Pointe, a small town in Michigan. In front of the house there is a small garden, which covers Anita’s residence from the viewers’ eyes. The building of Baker’s house is made of solid light brown brick. It consists of the ground floor and the first floor.

Anita Baker house

There’s also a three-car garage on the territory of the house. Anita Baker keeps her vehicles there. 

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