How Much is Anne Hathaway Worth?

Born Anne Jacqueline Hathaway is a popular American actress. She is known not just due to her slim figure, but also due to her high rates. She earned $5 million for her role in “Bride Wars” (according to Therichest) and now is rumored to demand $8 million salary for each big screen project.

Currently Anne Hathaway owns $35 million net worth. She is included in Forbes list of 10 highest-paid actresses. Her earnings in 2014 were estimated as $12 million by Justrichest. That very year the star presented a movie “Interstellar”, which has become a box office hit.

Some people think, that Anne Hathaway is not worth her salary and gets much more than she deserves. Nevertheless the star has reasonably built her career. She started like a theater actress alongside her mother, Kate McCauley, then-famous stage performer. Then she debuted in the series “Get Real” at a tender age of 17. Finally, she moved her way to the big screen and starred as the main heroine of “The Princess Diaries”.

Anne Hathaway was created to become a screen princess with her soft hair and huge eyes. But she was wise enough not to become “a family actress” and acted in more complicated films like a thriller “Havoc” and a drama “Brokeback Mountain”. Her next professional success was the role in “The Devil Wears Prada”, when she met charismatic Meryl Streep at a film set.

In 2012 Anne played a supporting role in “Les Misérables”. That screen work brought her an Oscar and cemented Hathaway’s position of a high-paid Hollywood star.

Although the most part of Anne Hathaway’s wealth comes from her movie roles, she has also earned enough through endorsements. The star was a spokesperson of Lancôme.