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Annie LeBlanc


Annie LeBlanc

Annie LeBlanc Net Worth is from $300, 000 to $500, 000

How rich is Annie LeBlanc?

Nickname: Julianna Grace LeBlanc

Date of birth: the 5th of December, 2004

Profession: YouTube star, gymnast, singer

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: YouTube, sports, music

How Much is Annie LeBlanc Worth?

How much is Annie LeBlanc worth?

There are people, who have earned a solid net worth just staying at the initial stage of their career. Annie LeBlanc is one of them. She is just 13 years old, and this cute teenager has lots of interests, such as sports, music and modeling. She hasn’t chosen a profession yet, but has already accumulated thousands of dollars. Annie LeBlanc net worth is estimated at $300, 000. Some other sources estimated her level of wealth even higher – at $500, 000.

Annie LeBlanc is a YouTube star

Annie earned that wealth through her activity at YouTube channel. Currently the girl has two channels at a popular video platform. Her first channel is named as “Annie LeBlanc”, and it can boast with more than 2, 5 million subscribers. Her other channel is named “Bratayley”, and it has more than 5, 5 million subscribers.

Alongside her YouTube account, Annie is registered at Instagram too. There she has more than 2 million followers.

Annie LeBlanc as a gymnast

In fact, Annie LeBlanc is a popular social media personality. It is hard to explain, why she managed to become more famous than other girls of her age. Probably, she has “that something”, which distinguishes an ordinary girl from a star. Annie posts videos of various kinds to her channels. She has lots of homemade films from her gymnastics competitions, “what’s in my bag” and “makeup” videos etc. Each time her YouTube films gather thousands of positive comments. “Annie, I love you so much and you’re so pretty!” one of her fans wrote to her.

Annie LeBlanc tries her hans as a singer

Although previously Annie was focused on her sports career, recently she turned her face to music. The girl released her first music video “Little Do You Know” with the young singer Hayden Summerall. The video gathered more than 35 million views. Great start, isn’t it?

No doubt, Annie LeBlanc is becoming more and more popular. But what do we know about her?

Annie LeBlanc Bio and Personal Life

Annie LeBlanc biography facts

Julianna Grace LeBlanc, widely known as Annie LeBlanc, was born in December, 2004 in the family of Katie and Billy LeBlanc. Her father is a person of a noble courageous profession – he is busy in US Navy.

Annie is the second child in her family. She has a younger sister Hayley LeBlanc, who is a YouTube star too. By the way, the girls participated in many videos together. They have even featured in ads for Nintendo Games hand by hand.

Annie used to have an older brother Caleb too. Unfortunately, in 2015 the boy died from a rare heart disease.

Annie LeBlanc visited a local school in her hometown – Augusta, GA. But her sports classes and making YouTube videos took too much time, so the girl decided to get education at home. Her sister is homeschooled too.

Annie LeBlanc is homeschooled

Every day millions of Annie LeBlanc fans, who live all over the world; ask questions about her personal life.

In fact, Annie is too young to have a boyfriend. But she hooked up with Hayden Summerall, while they were making a music video and they were even rumored to go for a date.

Annie LeBlanc boyfriend Hayden Summerall (rumored)

Annie LeBlanc resides with her parents in a big beautiful house, which she showed to her fans.

Annie LeBlanc House

Annie LeBlanc rented an apartment in LA

Annie started her channel in 2008. Then her parents lived in a small apartment. But to 2017 their level of wealth has increased. That’s why LeBlanc family got an opportunity to go to LA for a couple of weeks. There they rented a luxurious two-storey apartment, which was estimated at $2, 5 million.

The apartment looks light and quite big. The residence starts from a roomy beautiful living-room. It is decorated in black and white colors. There’s the fireplace, built in one of the walls in the room. The other wall can boast with a tall wide window. In the centre of the room there’s a soft sofa and armchairs. The furniture is of deep grey color.

Annie LeBlanc house in Maryland

In addition to the living room, there are also a kitchen, a bathroom and several bedrooms in the apartment.

But LA apartment doesn’t belong to LeBlanc family. Most part of their time they spend in the house in Maryland.

Annie LeBlanc Car

Annie is too small to have her own vehicle. But her parents have bought a number of vehicles. One of them is grey Tesla, which they got on Hayley LeBlanc birthday.

Annie LeBlanc car

Tesla is environment friendly and well-equipped car. Many rich people, including celebrities, have already had an opportunity to get it and enjoy its advantages.

Cameron Diaz, Zooey Deschanel, George Clooney and many other stars drive Teslas from time to time.

Annie LeBlanc, her sister and parents have chosen this car model too and seem to enjoy it! They asked the viewers to help them name a car, and most of people offered “Tessa”. 

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