How Much is Artie Lange Worth?

Artie Lange is a remarkable comedian and stand-up artist who had earned a net worth of $14 million during his career. He made most of his assets from the great comedy performances he’s been doing in both TV movies and series and from the shows he does.

He first experienced a stand-up routine at the age of nineteen years but was not satisfied enough with it. Soon after the same, he took acting classes and made every effort to improve his talent. To take care of his family, Artie changed his course and worked as a longshoreman at ships and earned $60,000.

Within one year, he realized the importance of the comedy profession in his life and so began to act in small clubs. Combining those performances with taxi driver job, he worked until he became a paid regular at Stand Up NY. Comic Strip Live followed it. He then co-formed an improv troupe called Live on Tape that became a hit, selling out Caroline’s on Broadway many times.

His breakthrough advanced in 1995 when he became a part of Mad TV comedy series as one of 8 characters. The show was successful and gave him roles in some other movies like Dirty Work (1998), Mystery Men (1999), The Bachelor (1999), Old School (2003), Perfect Opposites (2004), Waltzing Anna (2006) and more. He acquired even bigger achievement after Howard Stern Show (1998). It branded his authority as an elite comedian. In 2005, he unveiled his own movie titled Artie Lange’s Bear League. As of 2017, he co-hosted The Artie and Anthony Show along with Anthony Cumia.