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Barry Manilow Net Worth


Barry Manilow Net Worth

Barry Manilow Net Worth is $100 Million

How rich is Barry Manilow?

Nickname: Barry Alan Pincus

Date of birth: the 17th of June, 1943

Profession: singer, songwriter, producer

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: music

How Much is Barry Manilow Worth?

Barry Manilow is a famous singer, songwriter and musical producer. These jobs serve as the main source of Barry’s wealth. His net worth is estimated at $100 million. The amount is really impressive. Barry has been working hard in entertainment industry since 1964. During that time he worked as an arranger, later he started career of a musical director and producer. Finally, Barry released his debut album, which got multi-platinum status.

Barry Manilow debut album

Currently Barry can boast with 29 studio albums, most of which were ranked as platinum. His hits “Can’t Smile without You”, “Somewhere in the Night”, “I Write the Songs” etc are listened all over the world. Even the young generation of listeners chooses his music. During 5 decades of his activity, Barry Manilow collected numerous awards, which serve as the best prove of his talent. He is a proud owner of several Grammys, Emmy, American Music Awards etc. Manilow has sold more than 80 million of his records. He has authored the songs, which were performed by other singers. Thus he wrote for the stars Dionne Warwick and Bette Midler.

Barry Manilow net worth

As many other celebrities, Manilow gets a solid wealth through endorsements. He lent his famous voice for McDonald’s commercials.

Thus he managed to save his fortune. But how did that all begin?

Barry Manilow’s Way On Top

Barry Manilow young

In fact, Manilow’s talent to music was obvious in his early years. He started to play the accordion in the kindergarten age and at the age of 7 had already got his first important title – he won the talent show. After that Manilow got perfect training as a musician – he studied in the New York College of Music and then attended Juilliard School. Barry Manilow is a well-educated musician, who can play various instruments.

Manilow earned his first salary as an arranger for Ed Sullivan Productions and wrote jingles to the commercials. He was serving as a musical director of Callback TV series. In 1972 Manilow tried his hand as musical producer. He produced the album of the debutant Bette Midler, who later had become a star.

How much is Barry Manilow worth?

In 1973 Manilow released his first self-titled album, which immediately had become platinum. In fact, Barry’s albums are always full of hits. His saccharine songs captured the hearts of all people worldwide. That’s why his earnings have become unbelievably big. But where does Barry spend his money?

Manilow’s Medical Bill

Even very rich and famous people spend a lot of money on their health. But Barry Manilow’s medical bill is really huge – it is close to $70, 000. That amount the cult musician paid for various kinds of plastic surgery. He passed through hip, eye and dental operations. In addition he had to restore his face after an accident in 2003, when the musician walked into the house of his Palm Springs home and broke his nose. By the way, Barry spends lots of cash for making his face younger. He paid for facelift and Botox procedure.

Barry Manilow House

Barry Manilow house

Property is another thing, on which the well-to-do person Manilow spends his millions. He owns at least two mansions – the first one in Palm Springs and the other one is in Malibu.

Barry has put his Malibu house on sale. He bought the property in 2002 for $3, 75 million and later put it on market for astonishing $16, 75 million. Probably, the higher price was explained by the fact that the celebrated singer used to live there. Currently the price is a little lower – it is just about $10 million as the house still stays unsold.

The house is built of white stone and decorated with huge wooden panels. It consists of 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, a living-room, office-room, well-equipped kitchen etc.

Barry Manilow house

The first thing, which you see, when you enter the house, is the roomy foyer, decorated in light brown and beige colors and a big aquarium with salt water.

Barry Manilow husband Garry Kief

Barry Manilow’s house is that cave, where he and his husband Garry Kief hide from intrusive fans and paparazzi. 

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