Beauty vlogger Zoella: “It’s not something I could have planned for myself”

Beauty vlogger Zoella is a self-made celebrity


“Just finished your books! They are my new favorites!! I love them sooo much. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.”

“When you're only 4 minutes late but there's already 1k likes and 306 comments…”

When you look at Zoella (Zoe Sugg), you start thinking about spring. She is so young, fresh and active, like warm spring wind; she is so aromatic, like first spring flowers; and she is so fast and pure like spring blue brook.

Beauty vlogger Zoella is a great motivation for others

This young girl seems so simple and light-minded, that you can hardly believe she is a successful business lady, who has skillfully built her YouTube personality; who has made £2, 5 million net worth to her 28th age mark; and who authored a number of books for young adults.

PiNetworth likes to motivate you and to tell you about successful young people, who were not born rich, but managed to become popular and affluent.

Zoella was not born rich

Today let’s speak about Zoella. You’ve read citations above. They were written to beautiful Zoella by her fans through social media. She really has “that something” which attracts people attention. But who is this girl and where does she come from?

Who is Zoella?

In fact, this question is really a difficult one. Who is she? Probably, Zoella doesn’t know the answer to this question herself. She is an ordinary English girl, who started her own YouTube channel, being a vivid teenager. She is the owner of a beauty range. And she is a girl, who likes to change the color of her hair. She is not afraid of experiments – in any area of her life, starting from appearance and ending with business projects.

In fact, she is a lady, who is always in the limelight. But at the same time, Zoella is a person, who can hide her inner world from everyone.

Who is Zoella?

Born Zoe Elizabeth Sugg spent her early years in a calm English village. Has she ever thought of becoming popular? In her interview the girl opens up, “My career… It's not something I could have planned for myself. I was just having fun”.

Zoella with her mother

She was born on the 28th of March, 1990. Zoe grew up in the family of Tracey and Graham Sugg. Her parents belong to middle-class of British society – they are not poor, but are far from being millionaires. Since her earliest age Zoe was an active vivid kid. She spent her time, playing with her brother Joe Sugg (who is a popular YouTuber too). The girl grew up in picturesque Lacock, a village not far from Chippenham.

Zoella often changes her hairstyle

When Zoe reached her teens, like any other girl she got interested in beauty tips. Then, in 2007, Zoe opened for herself beauty vloggers at YouTube channel. From morning till night the girl watched videos, where lots of teens from different parts of world shared their daily beauty routine.  She tried to follow their advice, copied their looks and begged her mom to give her extra couple of dollars for the new beauty product, which was supposed to help Zoe improve her appearance.

Zoella launched her beauty channel in 2007

At first Zoe looked at all these girls, like Carli Bybel or Michelle Phan with childish delight and believed each their word. But then she began to filter their recommendations, compared them to information she got from beauty books and fashion magazines, which she read with great delight.

Zoella real name is Zoe Sugg

One lonely dawn Zoe Sugg got up with a sudden thought to start her own YouTube channel. No, she was not going to become a beauty star or to build some business brand (oh, my God, nothing of that kind). She was just going to share her thoughts on that variety of beauty tips she got from different sources of information. And in addition, she just wanted to entertain herself!

So, on the 2nd of February in 2007 Zoe Sugg founded “Zoella”, a beauty channel. Thus she started her career way.

Zoella Career Way

Zoella career

Zoe has always been too active to feel comfortable at school. At her lessons she felt like an ice cube in the glass of sweet soda water. The other teens planned their careers, prepared to school tests and wrote long scientific works, while she … She was attracted by beauty. Zoe liked beautiful things and could create them with her own hands – she made beautiful makeup, created beautiful fashion images for herself and decorated her room in a beautiful way. Having graduated from The Corsham School and Arts College, she has already known, that she wants to make the world around her beautiful. That’s why the girl found a job at the interior design company. She was an apprentice there, and put 100% of efforts in order to study all the aspects of this business.

Zoella (Zoe Sugg) used to work as an interior designer

And at her YouTube channel she was just having fun. “Zoella” was her own project, her own virtual world, where she did everything she wanted. She joked, made friends with her subscribers and simply had fun in her free time.

Very soon her sunny smile and easy-going nature attracted millions of followers. Thus Zoella’s hobby was turning into a serious business project, through which she started to earn much more than through her work in an interior design company.

Zoella (Zoe Sugg) launched her second channel in 2012

In 2012 Zoe changed the focus of her career. She decided to concentrate her mind on her lifestyle vlog at YouTube. In addition, she opened another channel – MoreZoella. Now her channels have respectively 12 million and 4 million subscribers.

Zoella book "Girl Online"

Now Zoe is a young woman with a busy schedule. As it usually happens, with the developing of her brand she got lots of offers she couldn’t refuse from. Now Zoe serves as Ambassador of the National Citizen Service, a youthful organization. Besides, she founded a beauty range “Zoella Beauty”, which offers creams and scrubs for young girls; and she has already published two books, “Girl Online” and “Girl Online: On Tour”.

Zoella beauty range

Zoella Personal Life

Of course, like any other beautiful girl, Zoe is not alone. She is dating a male YouTube star Alfie Deyes. The couple started dating in 2013, soon after Zoella moving to Brighton, East Sussex. Two young people look so naturally together, they seem so loving and beautiful, that lots of their fans can’t stop admiring the young couple. Zoe and Alfie couple was called “Zalfie”.

Zoella boyfriend Alfie Deyes

As you see, Zoella is a young beautiful woman, who has created her own brand, which made her rich and popular. PiNetworth met with the star and asked her about success secrets and daily routine.

Zoella Interview

PiNetworth (PI): Hi, Zoe! You look incredibly beautiful. So slim, fresh and nice!

Zoella Sugg (ZS): Oh, thank you! Hi!

PI: Probably, you use products from your beauty range? Which one do you like most of all?

ZS: Of course, I am using products from my beauty line! In fact, I love all of them. Probably, my favorite is the body scrub. It makes my skin perfect!

Zoella interview

PI: It’s not a secret, that you can do various kinds of makeup! But what is your all time favorite makeup look?

ZS: Oh, you have put an unexpected question. The choice of makeup depends on my mood. But probably, I’ll choose golden smoky eyes and a red lipstick as my all time favorite.

PI: You are a successful business lady. But you look so unprotected and girly! When you are at home, what do you usually do?

ZS: You are right, I am still a kid deep in my heart. At home I like to have a rest. I watch TV, eat my favorite food – a pizza and mashed potatoes – and play with my puppy Nala.

PI: Oh, you have a puppy! That’s great! Is it easy for you to keep to a busy schedule and care about your pet?

ZS: Each pet owner knows that this little creature can make the ambience in your house chaotic. No, it’s not an easy thing to care about Nala. But I have visited puppy classes, and now I know everything about my pet. I know how to care about it, how to feed it etc. I feel like a puppy guru nowadays! I like Nala a lot, and in spite of my busy schedule, I find the time to care about her. It would be very strange, if she wasn’t around!

Zoella favorite food is pizza

PI: Now we know, that you find the time for your puppy and for watching TV. But what’s your favorite movie?

ZS: I like all Disney films and “Les Misérables” with Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway.

PI: Thank you for being so candid with us today! And to finish our interview on a positive note, can you advice something to those young people, who plan to start their own YouTube channel?
ZS: First of all, get the right equipment for your videos. Your fans will watch you more eagerly, if your image is clear and your sound is correct. In addition, the light is very important. Stay near the window!

By the way, I have never planned to become a star. That’s why here’s another advice. Never get focused on becoming rich. Just have fun!

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