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Ben Affleck Net Worth is $75 million.




$75 million


$105 million





Nickname: Benjamin Geza Affleck

Date of Birth: the 15th of August, 1972

Profession: actor, writer, film director

Nationality: United States of America

Source of Wealth: movies

Ben Affleck is a famous American actor, writer and film director, who has a net worth of $75 million. His net worth is even bigger according to the other source. The year of 2016 has become one of the most successful in his career. For Ben’s participation in the movie “Batman v Superman” he got an impressive paycheck. In general Affleck has earned $43 million in 2016 (estimated by Forbes), which is the record amount during the years of his career.

Ben Affleck manages to get such a great salary due to his unique talent. Not many actors in Hollywood can boast with getting an Academy Award as a writer. Affleck co-wrote the movie “Good Will Hunting” together with his friend Matt Damon and shared an Oscar with him. Ben also won numerous awards as an actor (for example, he was nominated for Golden Globe Award in 2006) and as a film director (for example, he got Golden Globe Award as the best director for his film “Argo”).

But Ben Affleck made money not just as an actor or film director. Being an extremely handsome man, Ben was chosen to endorse L’Oreal. This deal was profitable too.

The star Ben Affleck was born to become famous and rich. He started acting at the age of 8, when was chosen to advertise Burger King. The boy got his first movie role at the age of 9.

The star of such films as “Pearl Harbor”, “Jersey Girl” and “The Town”, Ben Affleck is the owner of a solid net worth, which can become a little smaller, if Jennifer Garner gets the part of it. The couple announced their divorce in 2015.

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