Ben Affleck Wife and Girlfriends: Which of Them Is The One?

Ben Affleck wife and girlfriends

When a man is so handsome, talented and rich, like Ben Affleck, it seems that he must be happy in love. Perhaps, during some period of his life the favorite celebrity of numerous girls all over the planet really was a happy boyfriend, fiancé, husband … But the result of this relationship has always been sad – separation, disappointment, and often – alcoholic intoxication.

And now, when the famous actor crossed the 45-year age mark, his fans still hope that he will meet “The Only One”, which will stay with him until the end. And now, when Ben is just looking for the Queen of His Life, let's remember 5 women of Ben Affleck, who played an important role in his fate, and also let’s have a look at his current girlfriend.

1) Ben Affleck and Cheyenne Rothman

Ben Affleck and his first GF Cheyenne Rothman

Even the biggest Ben Affleck fans may not know her name. Cheyenne Rothman, the short film director, has stolen Ben’s heart while his studying at a high school.

She inspired Affleck to give acting a chance. And it was she, who convinced him to continue his education at University of Vermont. They had been dating before Affleck’s success in Hollywood and she knew him real.

Ben Affleck school sweetheart Cheyenne Rothman

In 1997 the couple separated after 7 years of pure first love. Cheyenne Rothman continued directing her movies, while Ben dropped out the university. Hollywood was waiting for him!

2) Ben Affleck and Gwyneth Paltrow

Ben Affleck and his ex-love Gwyneth Paltrow

Their romance resembled classical relationship of a good lady and a bad boy. Ben Affleck and Gwyneth Paltrow got acquainted in 1997 at a dinner, arranged by a scandalous film maker Harvey Weinstein. Then Ben was still in love with Cheyenne and Gwyneth had just separated from another Hollywood heartthrob Brad Pitt.

They saw each other – a slim fragile blonde and a hot tall brunette – and immediately fell in love. The actors spend a lot of time together. Ben gave Gwyneth expensive gifts and made plans for future.

But as for the actress… She didn’t feel that Ben was that very man, who could make her happy. Later Paltrow explained in her interviews, that she was “too good for Ben”. Her parents didn’t like Affleck, they considered him as light-minded.

Gwyneth understood deep in her soul, that Ben was not ready for some serious relationships. He liked cold beer, double dates (then Ben’s friend Matt Damon dated young Winona Ryder, and very often they partied with Ben and Gwyneth).

Their love affair came to an end in 1999, when Paltrow won the role in “Shakespeare in Love”. Then she started a passionate love affair with the co-star Joseph Fiennes. At least, that was printed in several yellow newspapers with hot pictures of Fiennes and Paltrow kissing. Although Gwyneth Paltrow insisted, she was kissing Joseph just at a film set, Ben’s heart was broken.

Ben Affleck and his ex-love Gwyneth Paltrow

They separated in 1999 and then reconciled shortly. In 2000 Ben Affleck’s heart was absolutely free, and another beautiful woman soon occupied the empty place.

3) Ben Affleck and Sandra Bullock

As for a romance with Sandra Bullock, it is hard to tell till now, if they really were dating, or the chemistry between two actors was just the result of their professional work.

 Ben Affleck and his rumored girlfriend Sandra Bullock

Ben and Sandra met at the set of “Forces of Nature”. The romantic comedy had a great success with viewers, mostly due to the natural play of two stars. Although Sandra was 8 years older than Ben, they fit each other. That’s why the rumors of their affair immediately spread all over the world.

 Ben Affleck and Sandra Bullock

But either Affleck and Bullock were not dating at all, or their romance turned to be too short – in any case they didn’t enjoy each other’s company too much. Soon Sandra started dating Ryan Gosling, and Ben met a very special woman, who played an important part in his life, too.

4) Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

Is it possible to join a happy love life and career? Two Hollywood legends Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez proved that it is not.

Ben Affleck and his ex-fiancee Jennifer Lopez

Two dazzlingly beautiful charismatic stars met at a film set of a mobster movie “Gigli”. In fact, Affleck, who is rumored to be extremely shy, very often meets his sweethearts at the set.

Jen and Ben started dating in 2002. Then Ben has just coped with his problem – alcohol addiction, which, according to rumors, has become the reason of his separation with Gwyneth Paltrow. His career was in a slow phase – the first excitement after getting an Oscar for “Good Will Hunting” has already become forgotten. But the latest Ben Affleck projects turned to be flops.

Ben Affleck with Jennifer Lopez

Paltrow has mentioned, that Affleck was “too simple” for a celebrity. If for Gwyneth that fact became the source of irritation, for Lopez, on the contrary, it was the incentive to action. She taught Affleck to wear brand clothes, to buy classy cars and choose the best jewelry.

It was Lopez, who inspired Ben to take part in films, which turned to be box office failures. The talented actor Affleck co-starred Jennifer in “Jersey Girl” and then participated in JLo’s music video “Jenny from the Block”, which became a fat mark on his professional reputation.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck kiss

But Affleck was terribly in love with Lopez. He gave her presents, kissed her numerous times in front of paparazzi and didn’t care about publicity, which enveloped their relationship.

Although Affleck worried about the development of his career, he proposed Lopez. To make his proposal more convincing, Affleck bought $2, 5 million wedding ring.

The couple, which was nicknamed in press “Bennifer”, planned to tie a knot in Santa Barbara. Ben and Jen have already planned each detail and spent a couple of millions for the “wedding of the year”. But several days before the ceremony, they split.

Even now it is hard to tell, why two popular beautiful actors decided to end their romantic story. Later Ben Affleck opened up, that he turned into “Jennifer’s guy”, and it hurt his self-respect.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez used to be one of the most beautiful couples

Lopez accused her ex-lover in alcohol addiction and in a bad habit to spend whole nights in strip bars.

In any case, the news of their separation hurt the hearts of fans all over the world. Jennifer Lopez confessed that she really loved Ben Affleck and their split caused a severe depression.

Although Lopez and Affleck have never been married, many Ben’s fans consider her as the main woman of his life.

But Ben has always stressed the fact, that his main love was his wife and mother of his children – the famous actress Jennifer Garner.  

5) Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

Ben Affleck wife Jennifer Garner with her husband

They say, two stars can’t be happy together, because nobody of them can stay in a shadow.

After the end of his too public relationship with pop diva Lopez, he wanted to make a pause in his personal life and devote his time to career.

But soon he met “another Jennifer”.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

Garner and Lopez shared the same name, but probably, that was the only thing, which two women had in common. Garner was the exact opposite of JLo – she was very slim and had narrow hips, had no career ambitions and hated publicity.

Ben Affleck and his ex-wife Jennifer Garner

Affleck’s affair with Lopez was more passionate, but too complicated. With Garner he felt calm and self-confident. Probably, that feeling of stability inspired Ben Affleck to start another love story so soon – with Jennifer Garner.

They wedded on the beach in the Bahamas and spent the wedding night at Bruce Willis villa.

Jennifer Garner with her eldest daughter Violet Affleck

Soon Jennifer Garner gave a birth to their first daughter Violet Affleck. Later Ben and Jen welcomed two other children – the daughter Seraphina and son Samuel.

Jennifer Garner with her kids Violet, Seraphina and Samuel Affleck

Their family was not typical for Hollywood and that’s why seemed very strong. Garner was a perfect mother and wife, and Ben finally starred in several hit movies, such as “State of Play”, “The Town” and “Gone Girl”. For the first time Ben Affleck tried his hand as a film director. His film “Argo” brought him another Oscar.

Affleck and Garner seemed unbelievably happy. They had everything the other people can just dream about – great children, fame and wealth.

Nevertheless in 2015, after 10 years of happy family life, they filed for divorce. For many people that news was shocking, but not for the friends of the couple Garner-Affleck. It turned out, that Ben was a rare guest in his own house. He was away – and had numerous reasons not to stay at home. First of all Affleck was busy with a string of new projects. In addition he started drinking again and played gamble games in Las Vegas.

Ben Affleck with his ex-wife and mother of his kids Jennifer Garner

As Jennifer confessed later, they lived in different houses months before their official split. Jennifer finally decided to start working again – she appeared in “Men, Women & Children” and then starred in “Mother's Day”.

Till now Jennifer Garner tells that Ben Affleck has always been the main love of her life. While Garner tries to remain friends with her ex, Affleck started the new page of his life book.

Ben Affleck and his new girlfriend Lindsey Shukus

Not long ago Affleck and Saturday Night Live producer Lindsey Shukus moved in  together. It is rumored, Affleck was sent for rehab, as drinking problems caught the actor up again. But Ben left the clinic several days before Christmas in order to spend that magic time with Lindsey.

Ben Affleck and SNL producer Lindsey Shukus

It is hard to tell, if Lindsey Shukus is really “The One” for Ben, but no doubt, he enjoys her company.

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