Ben Stiller Wife Christine Taylor (Ex): “The perfect Sunday morning is to stay home with my kids, wear pajamas all day long and eat cheese for breakfast”

Ben Stiller wife Christine Taylor

The beautiful woman and talented actress, Ben Stiller wife Christine Taylor turned to be a homebody and family person. She created a great friendly family, consisted of a husband – a popular comedian Ben Stiller and their kids Ella Olivia Stiller and Quinn Dempsey Stiller.

Ben Stiller and his ex wife Christine Taylor

But in 2017 something got wrong, and Christine Taylor-Ben Stiller marriage was destroyed. Today it’s time to get a little closer to this great woman, recollect in mind the details of her romance with Stiller and try to understand, why this perfect couple had to separate. So, meet Ben Stiller wife Christine Taylor!

Ben Stiller Wife Christine Taylor in Her Early Years

Christine Taylor young

To create a great family is much easier, when you were born in similar one. No doubt, Christine Joan Taylor family was almost ideal. Her parents, Albert and Joan Taylor, loved each other to death. They got married at a young age and from the very beginning responsibilities among them were distributed in the right way. Her father opened a security company, which soon became successful and brought him lots of cash. He provided his wife for everything and that’s why Christine’s mother had an opportunity to leave her job and become a perfect housewife. Both, they gave a birth to two great kids, almost ideal too, of course – Christine and Brian.

Christine Taylor has always dreamed to be an actress

Christine Taylor was born on July 30, 1971. The incredibly cute blonde girl, she was very vivid and talented in her early years. The girl liked to play skits, spoke different voices, when played with her dolls, and understood at a very young age, that entertaining others is her cup of tea. Family friends couldn’t resist smiling, when they saw a small actress. But soon her skits faded into the background. She turned 6 years old – and that was time to go to school.

Christine got a great education at prestigious Allentown Central Catholic High School in Allentown, Pennsylvania. That was a perfect place for children of rich citizens, where boys were taught the main rules of business, and girls were prepared to become perfect wives.

Christine Taylor played in school productions

A beauty Christine had lots of male fans among her classmates. But she was not going to become an ideal wife of some rich businessman. Taylor had another plan.

She dreamed to become an actress.

Ben Stiller Wife Christine Taylor Career

Having graduated from school, Christine Taylor decided not to continue her education.  Of course, it was hard for her parents to accept her decision, but they actually had no choice. Studying seemed too dull for an active teenager, that’s why she hired an agent and started to visit auditions. Her slim figure, wheat-blond hair and huge blue eyes were of great demand among TV producers. Soon Christine got her first regular role.

Christine Taylor in Hey Dude

She was cast in Nickelodeon series “Hey Dude”. Taylor appeared in 62 of 65 series in the role of a girl-next-door Melody Hanson, a skilful dancer and lifeguard. That was a great start in entertainment industry. Christine face has become recognizable, and after that she was a desirable guest in various soap operas, which aired in early 1990s on American TV. Taylor appeared in one episode of “Dallas”, played in several episodes of “Friends” and even was cast as at one of lead roles in the series “Party Girl”, which was closed after four episodes.

Christine Taylor and Jennifer Aniston in Friends

In 1993 Christine Taylor for the first time tried her hand in big screen movies. She played in Robert Radler film “Showdown” opposite other young actors Kenn Scott and Billy Grant. The movie didn’t become an international hit; nevertheless, it gained a certain fan base, and gave Christine a ticket to the closed world of movie stars.

After The Wedding Singer Christine Taylor has become a movie star

Christine was doing more, she was working 24 hour a day, and soon won the role in the film, which catapulted her to stardom. In 1998 she acted alongside Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore in “The Wedding Singer”. The story about an aspiring rock singer, who copies the style of young Billy Idol, which previously was performed on the stage of numerous musical theaters, was changed into a great film, directed by Frank Coraci. Christine portrayed Drew Barrymore screen cousin, who helped her to plan her wedding and watched, how Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler screen romance began.

Christine Taylor and Ben Stiller met at a film set

The movie with a simple plot, young beautiful actors and joyful songs unexpectedly captured the hearts of viewers all over the globe. Christine admired the play of the leading actor Adam Sandler – so active, so easy-going and so funny. That time she thought that it would be great to spend her life with a partner, who can always make a woman smile. But her relationships with Sandler remained platonic. Instead of it she tied a knot with another Hollywood funny man Ben Stiller.

Christine Taylor and Ben Stiller Love Story

Ben Stiller and Chrisine Taylor started dating after a long period of friendship

They met at the set of “Heat Vision and Jack”. Then she was a rising Hollywood star and he was a forward-looking comedian actor and film director, who has already starred in the hit “There's Something About Mary” alongside stunning Cameron Diaz, appeared in an episode of “Friends” (yeah, he was there too) and got his first MTV movie award.

Then Ben decided to try his hand as a film director. He found a perfect script, made deals with the actors Jack Black and Owen Wilson and hired a guest star Christine Taylor.

Ben Stiller and Chrisine Taylor

Thus, the film director met his actress and the main lady of his life. But Christine especially stressed the fact, that at first they were just friends. Their process of recognition lasted for long and only several months later they started dating, when finally were sure in their feelings to each other.

Ben proposed his girlfriend in late 1990s, when he got the role in cult “Meet the Parents”. Stiller was rehearsing the comedy, when he bought an engagement ring and asked Christine’s father for permission to marry his daughter. They got engaged in December, 1999 and in May, 2000 the couple wedded at Hawaii.

Ben Stiller and Chrisine Taylor got married in 2000

From that moment Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor were a perfect Hollywood couple. They lived together – and worked together. Taylor and Stiller featured in “Zoolander”, “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story” and “Tropic Thunder”. They gave a birth to two cute kids. And after 17 years of marriage the actors separated.

Christine Taylor and Ben Stiller Divorce

Ben Stiller and Chrisine Taylor separated in 2017

The news about Christine Taylor and Ben Stiller Divorce shook the world. Christine has always been focused on her home life and has always found time for her family members. In one of her interviews she said, “The perfect Sunday morning is staying home with my kids, wear pajamas all day long and eat cheese for breakfast”. And Ben Stiller never god tired to tell, that his wife is the most important person in his life. Why did they decide to separate?

Christine Taylor and Ben Stiller announced about their intention to separate in the end of May, 2017. Then two actors placed particular stress on the fact, that they remain good friends and made that decision together. Christine and Ben asked the representatives of mass media and their fans to respect their privacy and not to hurt their kids with tactless questions.

Ben Stiller and Chrisine Taylor remained friends

But the rumors of possible reasons of their divorce spread with the speed of the bullet. Some people supposed, that the reason was Ben Stiller prostate cancer, with which he battled in 2014. Ben was depressed around that time and it ruined his relationships with Christine.

The others talked about cheating and conflicts in the famous family.

Ben Stiller and Chrisine Taylor marriage was ruined because of Stiller's busy shedule

According to the source, close to the couple, Ben Stiller turned to be quite difficult and gloomy in his real life. It seemed, that he left all his jokes at the set and took home all his fears and nervous breakdowns. In addition, Ben Stiller had a very tough schedule. He took one project after another, appeared in numerous talk shows, acted, directed and produced films. Christine, who centered her attention on her kids, felt too lonely.

Chrisine Taylor is single now

As a result, one more Hollywood couple filed for divorce. Now Christine Taylor is single. But she looks to the future with hope and optimism.

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