Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch Net Worth is $20 Million



$15 million


$20 million



Benedict Cumberbatch net worth

Nicknames: Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch, The Batch, BC

Date of birth: the 19th of July, 1976

Profession: actor

Nationality: United Kingdom

Source of wealth: television, movies

Benedict Cumberbatch is a tall sharp-cheekboned actor, who usually plays gifted and incredibly talented heroes. His most popular films are “Van Gogh: Painted with Words”, “Hawking”, “Frankenstein” etc.

During the years of his acting activity Benedict Cumberbatch saved $20 million net worth. BC mostly makes his fortune through acting, although he has already tried his hand in behind scene activities like producing films and was successful in it too.

The secret of actor’s success is his natural method of playing and desire to work on the new courageous projects. Raised by two performers, The Batch decided to choose acting as a profession in his primary school age.

BC started his career as a theater actor. Till now he plays Hamlet in one of London theaters. According to Forbes the tickets for his performance cost from £40 to £120 and they are sold within several minutes.

He debuted on television in 1992, when he had appeared in 3 episodes of the series “Heartbeat”. The actor made his big screen debut in drama “To Kill a King”. His net worth was doubled in 2010, when BC was cast as Sherlock. His earnings reached the new level after portraying the main hero in the movie “The Imitation Game”, for which he got an Academy Award nomination.

Benedict Cumberbatch is considered as one of the most famous modern British actors. He appeared in the list of the most sexual celebrities in 2013 (in Empire Magazine). A year later Time magazine called the star as one of the most influential people in movie industry. 

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