Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders Net Worth is $300, 000

How rich is Bernie Sanders?

Nickname: Bernard Sanders

Date of birth: the 8th of September, 1941

Profession: politician, author

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: politics

How Much is Bernie Sanders Worth?

The US Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders is considered as one of the poorest politicians in his country. His net worth is estimated at $300, 000. Although some issues announced, that during the year of 2016 Sanders earned more than $1 million from selling of his book “Speech” and other literary works, Bernie insisted, he had spent this money for charity.

Sen. Bernie Sanders with his book

The main source of Bernie Sanders wealth is the salary from his political jobs. He served as Mayor of Burlington, Vermont in 1981-1989. Then he reached $33, 800 salary, which was surprisingly big for him. In 2007 Sanders was elected as US Senator and his salary reached $174, 000. In addition to the salary, Sanders gets $5, 000 of pension. As it was mentioned above, Sanders makes money from selling of his books. He gets income from investments too.

In fact, Bernie Sanders is proud, that he is one of the poorest politicians in USA. He is not bothered by the fact that most of US Senators have more than $1 million net worth. Bernie knows, what poverty is, as he comes from a working class family. His father earned his living, selling paint, and his mother was a housewife. Very often his parents quarreled because of money. That’s why now Sanders understands people with low income, who feel anxiety because of money all the time. That’s why as a politician he struggles for equality, for financial support of poor families and for equal wages for both, men and women.

In 2015 Bernie Sanders announced his intention to get the Presidential nomination from Democratic Party. Unexpectedly Sanders was supported by voters from various states.

Bernie Sanders endorses Hillary Clinton

Nevertheless he lost his bid to Hillary Clinton. Later he supported her candidacy. Currently Bernie Sanders criticizes Donald Trump political decisions.

But how did Bernie Sanders begin his career?

Bernie Sanders Way on Top

Bernie Sanders young

The younger of two children in Eli and Dora Sanders family, Bernie grew up in poverty. His parents immigrated to USA from Poland. In the country of great opportunities Eli and Dora lived from hand to mouth. At the same time Bernie watched the other citizens, who easily spend thousands of dollars for dinner in the restaurant. Thus the boy felt, that life was not fair and equality was just a loud word in everyday vocabulary. That inspired him to become a politician.

Bernie attended James Madison High School and later continued his education in Brooklyn College. After that Bernie transferred to the University of Chicago. During his years of studying, Sanders participated in a number of students’ political movements.

After graduation Sanders earned his living in different ways. He served as the filmmaker, writer and teacher.

In early 1970s Sanders tried to realize his political ambitions for the first time. He participated in elections to the US Senate twice, but lost his bids.

Bernie Sanders net worth

Finally, in 1981 Bernie was elected as the Mayor of Burlington.  It is a small town in Vermont, which is situated near the Canadian border. Bernie defeated his rival – the candidate, who preceded Sanders on the post of the Mayor, – with the miserable advantage of 10 votes only. But Bernie managed to enlarge his fan base during the years at this post, so he was re-elected several times.

In 1990 Bernie Sanders won the bid to US Congress from Vermont. Seventeen years later he won the place in US Senate.

Currently Bernie Sanders is an incumbent US senator. His bid will be over in 2019.

Bernie Sanders House

Bernie Sanders house

Sanders’s property is a separate topic for conversation. The politician, who never gets tired to agitate for equality, has really luxurious property. Bernie is the owner of three houses, which have become his weak point. An average American can’t buy several expensive houses in various cities.

Bernie Sanders and his wife Jane O'Meara

Bernie Sanders and his wife Jane O'Meara own property in Burlington, Vermont and Washington D. C. Their latest purchase is the luxurious villa in North Hero, Vermont. It costs about $500, 000, which is three times more an average American can pay for a house.

The residence consists of 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a living-room and a large kitchen. It has 1,883 sq. ft. of living space.

Bernie Sanders Car

Bernie Sanders car

The senator’s car seems too expensive for a person of his level of wealth too. The red Audi R8 is estimated at $172, 000. Not bad for a person with $300, 000 net worth, isn’t it?

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