Bill Gaither

Bill Gaither Net Worth is $10 Million

How rich is Bill Gaither?

Nickname: William J. Gaither

Date of birth: the 25th of March, 1936

Profession: gospel singer

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: music

How Much is Bill Gaither Worth?

Bill Gaither and his wife Gloria

The person, who can sing better, than the other people, can become rich and popular. But the person, who can sing gospel songs, like Bill Gaither, is blessed by Lord. The singer with deep strong voice, the person, who performs Christian songs, is respected by many people all over the world. “I pray the Lord to protect Bill Gaither”, wrote one of his fans.

Bill Gaither is an unusual performer; he enjoys international popularity, that’s why his earnings are high. Gaither saved $10 million during the years of his career.

Most part of Bill Gaither’s wealth comes from his work of a singer. He makes money from his live performances and from selling of his numerous albums. Bill Gaither was a part of Gaither Trio, which sang in churches and then released a number of disks, which are sold till now. As the part of the trio, Gaither collected 2 Grammy Awards.

He also released albums as the part of Gaither Vocal Band, which recorded 32 disks. Bill Gaither tried his hand a solo singer too. In 2005 he presented self-titled album.

Alongside his activity of a musician, Gaither makes money as an entrepreneur too. He is the founder of Gaither Music Company, which functions as the recording label and besides the concert booking agency.

Bill Gaither revived his career and increased his earnings after organization of “Gaither Homecoming” series. It is the collection of music videos, concerts and recordings, authored by various gospel singers (young and popular ones), supervised by Bill Gaither.

Bill Gaither’s Way On Top

Bill Gaither, sister Mary Ann and brother Danny

Bill Gaither earned his first salary as a school teacher, but he developed career of a musician too. When Gaither felt, that it was impossible to combine teaching and singing, he left his career at school and concentrated on making music. In 1956 he formed Gaither trio, which consisted of his sister Mary Ann and brother Danny. They performed in churches. Later Bill’s wife Gloria jojned the band and replaced Danny, who was busy with his studying. Later the members of the band changed several times. The trio soon developed large fan base and earned popularity and numerous awards.

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