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Billy Idol Net Worth

$50 million

  • Real name / birth name William Michael Albert Broad
  • Occupation singer, musician, songwriter, actor, author
  • Source of Wealth music
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth November 30, 1955
  • Age 67
  • Zodiac sign Sagittarius
  • Birth place Stanmore, United Kingdom
Sources 2017 2018 $50 million $35 million $35 million

$50 million


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How Much is Billy Idol Worth?

People can change, and Billy Idol is the best evidence of that saying. He has already crossed his 60th age mark and now he has an opportunity to look back and analyze his super successful career. The cult singer, songwriter and actor has a lot of things to regret about. He remembers how he arranged “naked” parties and how he broke all the windows in one of Canadian hotels.

But now he looks not so wild. The most celebrated punk star in the world, Billy Idol remains popular and rich. His net worth is estimated at $50 million. But the star doesn’t think that his money did a lot of good to him. On the contrary, he supposes, that sudden wealth destroyed his health and his career. In 1994 Billy had overdose, which was dangerous for his life.

In any case, lascivious sex-appeal star earned major part of his wealth through his activity of a musician. Billy started to save his wealth as the member of Generation X band. Musical critics consider Billy Idol as the beginner of punk movement in the world.

In 1981 Billy Idol decided to start a solo career. He wrote and performed several songs, which are named now as “anthem of 1980s”. His “White Wedding” and “Rebel Yell” catapulted the singer to stardom in UK, USA and all over the world.

Billy Idol enjoyed the stream of dollars he got from concert tours and selling of his albums. He thanked God for giving him his talent of a singer and author. But Billy Idol’s love to wild sex parties and his addiction to drugs and alcohol caused him lots of troubles, starting from a severe car accident and ending with the ignorance of his viewers, which earlier had got crazy at his concerts.

Billy Idol decided to change his image. In 1993 he presented his 5th solo album “Cyberpunk”, which turned to be a failure. After that the musician took a long pause.

In early 2000s Billy Idol makes up his mind to come back. Although the musician is not so popular with modern young listeners, still he remains active and optimistic. In 2014 the singer released his seventh (latest for now) studio album “Kings & Queens of the Underground”. The middle-aged star started the international tour to support his album too. No need to say, that selling of a new album and concert tour will added a couple of millions to Billy Idol’s bank account.

In addition the punk singer released autobiography “Dancing with Myself” in October, 2014. The book is sold all over the world and brings Billy lots of cash. But how did he start his way on top?

Billy Idol Bio and Career

It is hard to believe, but contradictory wild Billy was born in a family of two ordinary self-reserved Englishmen in Stanmore, Middlesex. The boy’s parents took small Michael Broad to the church and tried to make their son a pious obedient child. But Michael spoiled everything, when he kissed the girl he liked, just being in the church.

Michael’s school years were too long and unsuccessful for him. Teachers named him “idle” and later the young man took it as the base of his stage moniker – “Idol”.

He entered the university, but soon left it and devoted all his free time to music. He met Tony James (now a famous pop musician) by occasion and they founded the band Generation X with several other musicians.

Thus Billy Idol started his way to stardom and in 1980s reached his peak.

The famous musician and father of two children, Billy Idol knows that it is a pleasant thing to be rich and popular. But even celebrities need their cave to recharge life batteries.


You can see Billy Idol sitting in a deep leather armchair on photo. But the musician is depicted not at home, but in a luxurious London hotel, where he stayed for a while, being on tour.

Billy Idol owns a house in Hollywood Hills in California. The star doesn’t publicize how his house interior looks like. But no doubt, it is roomy and comfortable. Like any other star of his level, Billy Idol has a swimming pool and a spacious yard.

Thus the celebrity Billy Idol spends his golden days, thinking over all the beautiful and stupid things he did.


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