How Much is Boris Becker Worth?

Boris Becker was celebrated as a tennis player, and now he earns his living as a successful business person. Both activities brought him a solid income. So now Becker is reported to own $35 million net worth.

Boris Becker was born in a family of a rich architect (father). His father constructed the Tennis-Club Blau-WeiB and there the future tennis star Boris Becker started to train. His career was full of achievements. Boris Becker has become the youngest person to win Wimbledon. He was just 17, when he had already become a tennis star and a money maker. During his years in tennis, Becker won Wimbledon three times and Australian Open three times. In general he can boast with 49 single titles and 15 double titles.

Really, Boris Becker career was full of achievements, which brought him money. Therichest estimated his career prize money as $213, 690 in 1998 and a little less in 1999 – $114, 928. But Becker had not just made money, he lost a lot too. Mostly his financial losses were connected with his divorce and child support payments.

In 2001 he was judged by a model from Russia Angela Ermakova, who insisted, Boris had been a father of her baby daughter. The parental test proved, she was right, and Becker paid her $2, 8 million.

In 2002 his wife Barbara Feltus Becker filed for divorce. Although their settlement wasn’t publicized, no doubt, that the woman received lots of cash for herself and their two sons, Noah and Elias.

But Boris Becker is not upset. Since his retirement in 1999, he has already earned a lot due to selling of his own line of tennis apparel and fitness rockets. As he tells himself, he is still in love with sports. He serves as a chairman of the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation in Germany. He is also Forbes contributor in sports area.