How Much is Brad Pitt Worth?

William Bradley Pitt, mostly known as an actor and producer Brad Pitt, owns $240 million net worth. That huge amount he earned through acting in numerous box office hits. He also produced several projects, which turned to be very successful. Brad Pitt’s great physical shape helped him sign several incredibly lucrative endorsement deals. For example, he earned $3 million for endorsing Cadillac in 2013 (estimated by Therichest). All these gigs turned a boy from a middle-class American family into a multi billionaire and a rather influential person in entertainment industry. Brad Pitt is a constant and honored participant of numerous Red Carpet events.

In 2016 his earnings were estimated by Forbes as $31, 5 million. He received his salary for acting and producing the drama “The Big Short”, which grossed more than $133 million all over the world with a budget just $28 million.

Now the fans worry about Brad Pitt net worth because of his divorce process with a star Angelina Jolie. It is not known now, what part of Brad’s earnings Jolie will get. But she is reported to refuse from financial support of her ex and dreams just about the sole custody over their 6 kids.

Brad Pitt is a son of a trucking company operator (father) and a school councilor (mother). Having graduated from school, he entered the University of Missouri, where studied journalism, but left it in order to pursue acting.

He got accolades for such films as “Se7en”, for which he earned $4 million in 1995, “Fight Club”, for which he earned $17, 5 million, “Inglourious Basterds’, for which he got $10 million etc.

Although the actor is in his “after 50” age now, his earnings are keeping to increase. In 2016 he got a recording paycheck within the last 9 years.