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Brigitte Bardot Net Worth

$65 million

  • Real name / birth name Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot
  • Occupation actress, model, singer, author
  • Source of Wealth television, movies, modeling
  • Country of wealth France
  • Date of birth September 28, 1934
  • Age 87
  • Zodiac sign Libra
  • Birth place place Violet, Paris, France
Sources 2017 2018 $65 million $45 million $45 million

$65 million


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How Much is Brigitte Bardot Worth?

This autumn “femme fatale” Brigitte Bardot is going to celebrate her 83th birthday. She did a lot to that age mark: she has become a movie star, a legend, a main sex symbol of 1960s. When BB reached her career peak, she unexpectedly announced about the end of her career in entertainment industry. Now Brigitte avoids public events and TV shows. She devotes her life to animals’ protection. Brigitte Bardot net worth is estimated at $45 million. How did she earn that wealth and what does she do now to remain rich?

The main source of Brigitte wealth was her job of an actress. The beautiful blonde actress started from a modest salary, but then she played the main part in a contradictory movie “And God Created Woman”, and it made her the internationally popular star and the legend of her generation. After that BB’s earnings pumped up and she began to accumulate her wealth.

Brigitte Bardot Salary for Some of her Movies by Year:

And God Created Woman $15, 000
La Parisienne $25, 000
In Case of Adversity $75, 000
Come Dance with Me! $200, 000
Viva Maria! $350, 000

Alongside acting, Brigitte made her living as a model too. The well-known sex symbol, she was a desirable celebrity for numerous magazines. It served as the powerful source of her income.

Bardot was talented as a singer, and she managed to monetize that skill too. She has recorded about 60 songs, which gained certain popularity.

In 1973 the beauty announced the end of her career. Currently she doesn’t care about money and devotes her free time to caring about animals. She created the Brigitte Bardot Foundation, the aim of which is to protect the animals. For now Brigitte considers her foundation as the best thing she did in her life.

Bardot authored several books, which were sold all over the world. The selling of her literary works brings the star some income, but she didn’t think about money, when she was writing them. Currently BB is much more interested in her social activity. She tries to make the world better. For one of her books, “A Cry in the Silence”, she was prosecuted for inciting racial hatred.

Brigitte Bardot Bio and Career

The bright beauty Brigitte Bardot lost her charm with age. Now new blondes, like Blake Lively or Jennifer Lawrence, reign on the big screen. BB doesn’t regret that she had lost her beauty. But she likes to recollect in her mind her youth days.

Born Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot didn’t look too pretty in her early years. The girl wore teeth braces and huge glasses. But she moved, like a swan gliding through water, that’s why her parents sent the girl to ballet class. Brigitte turned to be a great dancer. At a tender age of 13 she has already danced professionally at the Conservatoire Nationale de Danse.

Bardot’s great look helped her start modeling at the age of 15. Several years later she met the young film director Roger Vadim, who invited the nymphet to his movie “And God Created Woman”. Thus Brigitte hit the jackpot: she became an international sex symbol and found her first husband – Roger Vadim.


Brigitte Bardot House

Currently Brigitte is married to her third husband, a politician Bernard d’Ormale. They lived in a luxurious villa in France. Several years ago the ex-movie star sold Cote d’Azur villa for $7 million. Have a look at her villa on the picture above.

Brigitte Bardot owns another house in St Tropez. The stellar actress likes her property and even devoted a song to it in 1960s. BB bequeathed her house to her animals.

Brigitte Bardot Car

The celebrity Brigitte Bardot and her rich husband own several classy cars. In Bardot’s home car collection there’s Floride car, which costs $40, 000, and Rolls-Royce, which is estimated at $350, 000.


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