Brock Pierce biography
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Brock Pierce Net Worth

$1 billion

  • Real name / birth name Brock Jeffrey Pierce
  • Occupation actor, entrepreneur, Bitcoin Foundation chairman
  • Source of Wealth Bitcoin Foundation
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth November 14, 1980
  • Age 38
  • Zodiac sign Scorpio
  • Birth place Minnesota, United States
Sources 2018 $1 billion $1 billion $1 billion

$1 billion


22746.79 kg. gold


298447.04 Bitcoin

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How Much is Brock Pierce Worth?

While Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are criticizing bitcoin, naming it one of the reasons of mass death of people (because it’s not hard to buy, for example, drugs for bitcoins), the others become billionaires due to the digital currency.

Brock Pierce is one of those, who saved $1 billion, serving as the chairman of Bitcoin Foundation. The main source of Brock Pierce wealth is his activity in the crypto-currency area and in blockchain technologies. Brock believes that the way to make digital transactions, which are not copied and can’t be refunded, can accelerate development of human race. In any case, this technology made him unbelievably rich.

Now it’s even hard to believe, that the successful entrepreneur Brock Pierce started his career as an actor.

Brock Pierce Bio and Career

Brock Pierce Bio and Career

photo instagram / brockjpierce

Brock Pierce was born in Minnesota, USA. He grew up in the family of Jeffrey and Lynette Pierce. Brock has a younger brother Scott.

Brock Pierce started his career on TV, being an active toddler. He starred in commercials. Later the boy was cast on TV. He appeared in a number of moderately successful projects, including “The Mighty Ducks”, “Ripper Man”, “Three Wishes” and some others.

At the age of 19 Pierce co-operated with Marc Collins-Rector and Chad Shackley. They created Digital Entertainment Network (DEN), which produced original content. Very often kids starred in DEN projects. One of the child stars accused the company founders in sexual abuse. Thus, Marc Collins-Rector had to leave the company and move to Spain, where he was arrested by Interpol. Brock Pierce had to leave the country too. He rented a house in Puerto Rico. Although Pierce was not charged as a pedophile, he lost his company and ruined his reputation.

But the ex-actor found another source of wealth – crypto currency. In 2013 he co-founded the company “Blockchain Capital”. In 2017 it venture capital was estimated at $85 million. In May, 2014 Brock Pierce was chosen as Bitcoin Foundation chairman.


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