How Much is Bruce Willis Worth?

The Golden Globe awarded actor Bruce Willis gathered $180 million net worth during more than 3 decades of his career. Most part of that wealth comes from Bruce’s salary of an actor. When he reached his stardom, he got approximately $20 million per each film. The star had an additional source of wealth too. He made cash endorsing rich companies and produced some movies, which had become box office hits.

Die Hard star was born in a working-class family, and he had never thought to become a celebrity and an affluent person. He earned his first salary as a welder and was going to spend his whole life, doing various hard jobs, but one of his colleagues died at work, and Bruce understood, it would be better to look for some other deal.

He briefly attended Montclair State College, where studied acting and then moved to Hollywood to become a professional actor. But he hasn’t become successful immediately. Bruce visited auditions, but was often rejected and he served as a bartender in order to make the ends meet.

Bruce Willis was catapulted to stardom, when he won the role of David Addison Jr. in “Moonlighting”. He performed opposite the famous actress Cybill Shepherd and their screen duo till now is considered as the most romantic.

Having become a TV star, Bruce Willis hadn’t stopped. He signed $6 million endorsing deal with Seagram’s Golden Wine Cooler brand and gradually moved his way to the big screen.

He participated in such cult films as “Pulp Fiction”, “Lucky Number Slevin”, “The Fifth Element”, “Die Hard” etc.

He got $25 million for the role in the film “Live Free or Die Hard” (estimated by Jusrichest) and $20 million for the movie “Unbreakable”.

Although Bruce Willis career is not in its peak phase now, he is still a well-paid actor and successful producer.