Cain Velasquez Net Worth

Cain Velasquez Net Worth is $900, 000

How rich is Cain Velasquez?

Nicknames: Cain Ramirez Velasquez

Date of birth: the 28th of July, 1982

Profession: ex-UFC Heavyweight Champion; MMA fighter; TV personality

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: sports, wrestling, television

How Much is Cain Velasquez Worth?

Some people are lucky to be rich and beautiful at the same time. Cain Velasquez is one of them. He looks like a strong powerful machine and remains fit and muscled through age. In addition he owns a solid amount of dollars. Cain Velasquez net worth is estimated as $900, 000. How did he earn it?

The major pile of Cain’s wealth is acquired through his career of a fighter. His wages jumped up after he had won the title of UFC Champion for the first time. Currently he is ranked as the 2nd best fighter (by UFC), which guarantees a solid salary for him. He is rumored to get from $200, 000 to $400, 000 per each fight (estimated by TSM Plug).

Alongside fighting Cain develops career of a TV personality. He speaks fluently both, English and Spanish, and that’s why he featured on Spanish channels too. Velasquez has become the star of the Spanish network Telemundo. He made a guest appearance in the show “Lopez Tonight” too. His television gigs bring him quite a solid income. In addition it attracts attention of Spanish viewers to all his fights.

Being the idol of American, Spanish and other countries viewers, Cain gets lucrative endorsement offers. Not long ago he has become GM titanium (alcohol drinks) ambassador.

Cain Velasquez net worth

So, the stellar fighter can just open his purse and count money! But how did he climb that peak?

Cain Velasquez’s Way On Top

How much is Cain Velasquez worth?

Cain Velasquez is a son of illegal immigrant from Mexico. His father came in his early 20-s to USA and married an American woman, which brought him US passport. Cain has a brother and a sister, but he was the only one in his family, who showed great athletic skills. Young Velasquez was a wrestling champion at Kofa High School and even won Arizona Wrestling Championship. Thus he has made his life choice and decided to pursue career of a wrestler.

Cain attended briefly American Kickboxing Academy and got the blue belt in No-Ge Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Thus he was noticed by MMA managers. The young fighter made his MMA debut in October, 2006, when he defeated Jesse Fujarczyk. A little later Cain made UFS debut, which also brought him a victory.

Cain Velasquez and Jesse Fujarczyk

Twice during the years of his career Cain Velasquez got UFC Heavyweight Champion title. The UFC star status helps the athlete make lots of cash. He spends his salary together with his wife Michelle and their daughter Coral.

Cain Velasquez wife and daughter

Cain Velasquez House

Cain Velasquez House

In 2012 Cain Velasquez and his wife have bought a luxurious roomy house. They were rumored to pay around $1 million for it. The building is situated in Gilroy, California. The multi-level house is built of white stone and decorated with high towers. The yard around the house occupies 5,100 sq. ft, so Cain’s daughter has enough space to run, jump and play.

If you pop into the house, you will see a beautiful living-room, a roomy kitchen and a comfortable dining room.

Cain and his wife Michelle can accept the guests in their house and even not to notice them, as there are 5 huge bedrooms in their residence and 3 cozy bathrooms.

To get warmer in winter, The Velasquezs light the fireplace (there are 2 of them in their house).

The couple was rumored to put the house on sale several years ago. They want about $1, 7 million for it.

Cain Velasquez Car

Cain Velasquez Car

Cain Velasquez is a big car lover. He remembers his first car, which his father bought him, when the future MMA star was just 16. He drove Nissan Stanza of sky blue color. Although now the moneybag Velasquez can buy lots of luxurious vehicles himself, that Nissan remains one of his favorites, although his Nissan was quite old and very often the teenager Cain pushed it himself.

It is hard to believe, but Velasquez bought the first car himself just in 2011. That was Ford F-150 SVT Raptor.

Currently the star owns 1971 Ford Torino Cobra, which you can see on the photo above. The fighter Velasquez uses it to get to the gym or just rides around the city and enjoys its powerful engine.

He leads great life, doesn’t he?

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