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Carl Lewis

Carl Lewis Net Worth is $20 Million

How rich is Carl Lewis?

Nicknames: Frederick Carlton Lewis

Date of birth: the 1st of July, 1961

Profession: track and field athlete

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: track and field

How Much is Carl Lewis Worth?

Carl Lewis net worth

One of the most popular athletes in the world, the owner of 17 gold medals in 4 different disciplines, Carl Lewis is a real moneybag! He retired from sports in 1997 and now is making career of an actor. Carl Lewis net worth is estimated at $20 million.

The major part of that amount Carl Lewis earned through his career in sports. The Champion of XXIII Olympic Games in LA, of XXIV Olympic Games in South Korea, of XXV Olympic Games in Spain and of XXVI Olympic Games in Atlanta, USA, Carl Lewis established himself as an outstanding track and field athlete of his generation.

His career way was full of both, obstacles and honors. But in any case the talented sprinter and jumper put a solid amount into his pocket.

Carl Lewis as a talented sprinter and jumper

He gained initial recognition at the age of 13, when he jumped at a distance of 5, 51 m. After that this distance was increasing each year: at the age of 14 he jumped at 6, 07 m, than at 6, 93 m etc. At the age of 17 he made a jump at astonishing 7, 85 m.  

No wonder, that Carl Lewis great sports achievements were noticed by trainers. In 1979 he got a chance to enter the national team and take part in Pan-American Games in San Juan. He jumped at 8, 13 m, which turned to be the great result for that time. Lewis combined jumping with running. In 1979 he coped with 100m distance within 11 seconds only.

So, in 1981-1996 Carl Lewis was the king of track and field. But in 1997 he retired as the athlete felt, numerous professional traumas prevented him from being the best from the best.  

Carl Lewis as one of greatest sprinters of all times

He saved a solid wealth during his years in sports. But life goes on, and Lewis managed to change the focus of his career.

Nowadays Carl Lewis is a successful and well-paid actor. He appeared in sport series “Arli$$”, played in films “Material Girls” and “Tournament of Dreams”.

Now it is hard to believe, that in his early years Carl was just an ordinary American boy.

Carl Lewis Way On Top

Carl Lewis young

Born Frederick Carlton Lewis grew up in a family of 2 athletes. His father ran a local athletics club in Birmingham, AL. His mother was a famous, award-winning hurdler.

In his early years Carl spent lots of time in the sports club of his parents. But his father and mother knew that the fate of a pro athlete could be hard, so they encouraged the boy to learn dancing and music.

But Lewis was crazy from jumping. One day the athlete Jesse Owens visited Carl’s workout. The friend of his father, he encouraged Carl’s parents to develop the boy’s talent. At first Jesse Owens and his great sports achievements inspired Carl Lewis to train more and more. At the age of 12 he injured the leg tendon and was ready to forget about career of an athlete. But due to his parents’ efforts and the work of skilful doctors, he returned to the field a year later and set his first record.

Carl Lewis today

During the last years Lewis continues keeping to a vegan diet, tries his hand in politics and plays in movies. He resides in LA.

Carl Lewis House

Carl Lewis house (former)

Carl Lewis bought this house in 2002, when he had already retired from professional sports. Then Lewis paid $1, 75 million for it. He lived in a huge mansion during long 8 years, but in 2010 put Pacific Palisades residence on sale.

The house locates in the picturesque area. The ocean can be seen through the windows of the house.

During many years Carl enjoyed not just great views, but also 5,307 sq. ft. of living area. That area was occupied by 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a living-room with a built-in fireplace and a spa room.

When the athlete needed to relax, he could breeze the fresh ocean air, standing at gazebo. Otherwise he could admire the big fish pond, which was situated on the territory of the mansion.

Lewis sold the house of his dream for astonishing $2, 5 million. 

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