Caroline Kennedy biography

Caroline Kennedy Net Worth

$500 million

  • Real name / birth name Caroline Bouvier Kennedy
  • Occupation author, diplomat, lawyer, heiress
  • Source of Wealth book selling, politics, inheritance
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth November 27, 1957
  • Age 65
  • Zodiac sign Sagittarius
  • Birth place Cornell Medical Center Hospital
Sources 2018 $500 million $100 million $250 million $250 million

$500 million


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How Much is Caroline Kennedy Worth?

Unlike many newly rich upstarts, Caroline Kennedy has always known what a luxurious life is. The heiress of one of the richest families in the world, the sweet and humble woman Caroline has reached that level of her spirit, when welfare becomes too ordinary to be proud of it. She has never publicized the exact amount of her net worth. And only in 2013, when Caroline was considered as the candidate for the post of US Ambassador to Japan, she finally opened up about her wealth.

Caroline Kennedy net worth is something between $250 million and $500 million. Most part of that amount Caroline inherited from her late mother Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and late brother John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr, who was killed in plane crash in July, 1999.

Together with money, she also inherited a number of properties too. Caroline is the owner of enormous Martha’s Vineyard estate, which previously belonged to her mother, and was the owner of Fifth Avenue apartment (Jackie’s), which she sold for $9, 5 million.

Really, JFK’s daughter inherited lots of cash and property. But she had never sat around, and worked a lot too. Thus Caroline Kennedy earned some part of her fortune by her own.

The only daughter of Jackie and John Kennedy, Caroline makes money as an author and diplomat. In 2014-2017 she served as US Ambassador to Japan. Her salary as an Ambassador was about $179, 000 per year. Her income from book selling and speaking gigs is close to $1 million. Caroline Kennedy authored the books “Jacqueline Kennedy: History Conversations on Life With John F. Kennedy”, “A Family Christmas” etc.

In addition Caroline Kennedy gets constant income from investments and trusts, which is close to $12 million or so annually.

So, Caroline Kennedy is a very rich woman. But what was she like in her early years?

Caroline Kennedy Bio and Career

Have you ever thought that your life could be much easier, if you were born in a rich family? Caroline Kennedy managed to do it. She was born in a family of two rich celebrities, Jackie Bouvier and John Kennedy. She spent her first years in Georgetown, Washington. When the girl turned three, her parents moved to White House, because her father was appointed as the 35th US President.

Caroline wrote about her years in the White House in her book “A Family Christmas”. The girl visited her father in his room every morning, before living to school. She felt frustrated, when he was tragically killed in 1963. Caroline was 6 then.

After that Caroline lived with her mother and brother in New York apartment for some time. When Jackie re-married a business mogul Aristotle Onassis, Caroline moved with her mom to Greece. She didn’t like her mother’s new husband. To get her education, Caroline returned to New York.

Having graduated from school, she entered Harvard University. At first the girl planned to become a photographer, but later she changed her mind and entered Columbia Law School.

After that Caroline earned her living as an author, editor and diplomat. She combined her career with a happy family life. Caroline is married to a designer Edwin Schlossberg. The couple has three children.


The multi-millionaire, Caroline Kennedy has several places to live at. In her interviews she never gets tired to tell, that her home is in New York.

Nevertheless the ex-diplomat owns a luxurious house, which she inherited from her mother. Martha’s Vineyard estate is situated at 366 acres. The property is estimated at $50 million. It consists of enormous multi-layer mansion and a vast yard territory. The Kennedys own a beachfront territory too.

Caroline is a private person, she didn’t show the interior of her huge multi-layer mansion in media. Nevertheless she shared the picture of her childhood bedroom in the White House. Have a look at this marvelous girly room!


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