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Catherine Paiz


Catherine Paiz

Catherine Paiz net worth is from $300, 000 to $500, 000

How rich is Catherine Paiz?

Nicknames: Dolores Catherine Johnston Paiz

Date of birth: the 24th of August, 1990

Profession: fitness model, media sensation, Instagram star

Nationality: Canada

Source of wealth: YouTube, modeling

How Much is Catherine Paiz Worth?

Catherine Paiz net worth

YouTube is the platform, which exists just 11 years. But it has already changed media business – now the unknown student from some distant village can develop larger fan base than Angelina Jolie or Kim Kardashian. The main idea of the site is simple – if you want to tell your story to the world (any kind of it) – just make a video and upload it to YouTube.

YouTube era brought the humanity a lot of new-born stars. Thus, people, who have neither money nor business relations, can in a matter of days become stars.

Catherine Paiz is a model and YouTube sensation

Catherine Paiz is the typical YouTube star. Currently her net worth is estimated at $300, 000 to $500, 000. Some sources give another numbers – from $1 million to $1, 5 million. Some sites rank her wealth at astonishing $500 million, but as for our opinion, that figure seems unrealistic.

Catherine Paiz main source of wealth is her YouTube channel “The ACE Family”, which she develops together with her fiancé, the ex-basketball player Austin McBroom. The couple started dating in 2015, and in spring 2016 they welcomed their first baby – the daughter Elle. Catherine and Austin are not married, but they are engaged and plan to tie a knot in the nearest future.

Catherine Paiz boyfriend Austin McBroom and daughter Elle

Two talented YouTubers launched their channel in January, 2016, and immediately have become popular. The couple calls their subscribers “ACE Family members” and with every next million of “members” they make the video, where tell about it to their viewers. For now the couple has more than 6 million subscribers.

Catherine Paiz has more than 2 million followers in Instagram

It’s hard to find out, what is the exact amount of Catherine Paiz income per month, but surely, it’s not less than $50, 000. Thus, the level of her wealth increases every single year. In addition, Paiz is an Instagram star with more than 2 million followers.

As a former model, Catherine Paiz gets some cash through endorsements too. She advertised the brand Love Inspired Tech and in addition recommended some products through her YouTube channel, and it was not for free, as you understand.

Catherine Paiz and Austin McBroom challenge at YouTube

So, now the media sensation and former fitness model Catherine Pauz enjoys a high income on regular bases. But what did she start from?

Catherine Paiz Bio and Career

Catherine Paiz biography and career

Dolores Catherine Johnston Paiz was born in 1990 in Montreal, Canada. She has never told about her parents, but she opened up about her siblings – the star has 2 brothers and a sister.

Catherine Paiz is of mixed ethnicity, she has African and Italian ancestry.

When Catherine was a teenager, she moved together with her parents and siblings to LA, USA. There Paiz attended St. Louis College. As the girl confessed in her interview, she was not interested in studying, but liked sports and attended swimming, volleyball and classes.

Catherine Paiz was fond of sports in her early years

Due to her love to sports, Catherine Paiz built a great fit body. That gave her an opportunity to start career of a fitness model. She posed for Azzelia Swimwear line.

At the beginning of her career Paiz dreamed to be an actress. She made short appearances in several movies, including “Monday Nights at Seven” and some others.

Catherine Paiz tried her hand as an actress too

Although her career of a model and actress was a failure, she has become a real star at Instagram. The beautiful girl demonstrated her pics and shared her thoughts and recommendations, and millions of people were ready to listen to her.

Catherine’s popularity raised to a new level, when she decided to launch YouTube channel together with her boyfriend Austin McBroom.

Catherine Paiz calls her subscribers as "members of her family"

Now the young beauty enjoys her constantly increasing level of income. In one of her videos Catherine Paiz showed her viewers the house.

Catherine Paiz House

Catherine Paiz house

Catherine Paiz and her loved one Austin McBroom invited their subscribers for the virtual tour around their new LA mansion. In fact, the two-story huge house, decorated in white and beige colors, really deserves public attention. The first room of the residence Catherine named “a family room”. There she spends warm Californian evenings with her fiancé and her daughter. There’s a fireplace, built in one of the walls of the family room.

The other room of the house is the dining-room. It is also very clear and beautiful; it has huge windows and high ceilings. There’s a chandelier, which hangs from the ceiling. By the way, Catherine didn’t like it, because it hung too low.

Catherine Paiz family lives in a luxurious mansion

There’s also a cabinet and a kitchen on the first floor. On the second floor there are bedrooms and bathrooms. Catherine and Austin demonstrated a great view out of the bedroom window on the 2nd floor.

In fact, Catherine Paiz house looks perfect! But what’s about her car park?

Catherine Paiz Car

Catherine Paiz car

Catherine Paiz demonstrated through Instagram the cars she owns. She used to drive white Jeep Wrangler and then changed it for Shelby.

In fact, Jeep Wrangler is a great vehicle, and many well-fixed people have already checked it by personal experience. Wrangler debuted in 1986, and since then it is the symbol of Jeep slogan “You can go anywhere!” Today it’s one of the most popular vehicles among people with a high level of income and one of the most wanted vehicles for people with low level of income. Catherine Paiz belongs to the first group, that’s why she bought the great car. The same did several really popular respectable stars, such as Chris Brown, Kevin Heart and Floyd Mayweather, who also prefer Wrangler to any other car.

Catherine Paiz car

Not long ago Catherine announced that she had changed her Wrangler for Shelby. A modified Ford Mustang had seen the world for the first time in 1967. Since then it is a car, which serves not just as the means of transportation, but also as a demonstration of a great taste of its owner.

Thus, Catherine Paiz has built a great brand from her family life. She can serve as the role model for many people worldwide. 

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