Charlie Ayers

Charlie Ayers Net Worth is $45 Million



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$45 million



Charlie Ayers net worth

Nickname: Chef Charlie

Date of birth: the 5th of July, 1966

Profession: chef

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: culinary

Charlie Ayers gained international popularity and $45 million net worth as the talented chef. He saved such a solid amount of money, serving dinners and preparing delicious food.

Charlie Ayers liked cooking from his school years. He dreamed to become a professional cook, that’s why after graduation from high school, he entered Providence culinary school. Charlie started to save his net worth, when he managed to get a job at one of Hilton Hotels. It was a great opportunity for a young chef and Charlie used it to demonstrate his talent and ability to work hard.

In 1999 Chef Charlie met his big break. He moved to California from his native New Jersey and found a cooking job at then-new company Google. When Charlie Ayers entered Google, it was a small firm with 50 or so workers. Even now Charlie recollects those days in his memory with pleasure. Then he found a lot of new friends, which later helped him to open his own restaurant.

Charlie soon has become Google executive chef. The company was growing rapidly and soon a team of cooks with Charlie as a head were serving about 4, 000 lunches a day. Then Chef Charlie made friends with one of Google’s investors Ram Shriram. When in 2005 Ayers left Google, Shriram helped the chef start his career of a culinary consultant.

During the years in cooking Charlie Ayers made dinners for the workers of the richest companies in the world like FaceBook, Zazzle, Dropbox and others.

In 2009 Charlie Ayers felt that he was ready to start his own business. He opened a restaurant, named Calafia Café. Thus Chef Charlie serves healthy dishes and makes his wallet bigger and bigger from year to year.


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