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Cher Net Worth is $320 Million

How rich is Cher?

Nicknames: Cherilyn Sarkisian; Cher Bono; the Goddess of Pop

Date of birth: the 20th of May, 1946

Profession: singer, actress, dancer, designer

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: music, movies, fashion

How Much is Cher Worth?

Cher net worth

In fact, it’s no surprise, that the signer, actress, designer and comedian Cher owns $320 million net worth. Some sources estimate her wealth even higher. Born Cherilyn Sarkisian has already been entertaining people for more than 5 decades. And she is not going to stop. Having celebrated her 70th birthday, the star decided to start the concert tour, because “she is not ready to be finished”, as Cher explained in her interview.

Cher’s wealth comes mostly from her singing activity. She started to save her net worth in middle 1960, when her first musical project – duo with a singer and husband Sonny Bono – has become popular. Their song “I Got You Babe” turned two unknown performers into stars.

Cher and Bono wealth as well as their popularity grew like mushrooms after rain. Soon they started one more project, which brought them additional cash. They hosted the show “The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour”, which soon gathered a wide circle of fans.

When Sonny & Cher cooperation was over, she continued to record albums and travel worldwide with her concerts. Cher’s charisma, deep strong voice and glitzy suits helped her become a mega-star. People stood in long queues in order to get the ticket to her show and were ready to pay thousands of dollars for it.

In late1980s Cher started career of an actress, which has become successful too and added piles of dollars to her wealth. Have a look at Cher’s salary for some of her films:

Cher Salary for her Movie Roles:

Cher, Susan Sarandon, Michelle Pfeiffer in "The Witches of Eastwick"


$150, 000 (for the movie “Silkwood”)


$500, 000 (for the movie “Mask”)


$1 million (for the movie “The Witches of Eastwick”)



$4 million (for the movie “Mermaids”)

Frankly speaking, Cher deserves such a huge fee as an actress, as she turned to be incredibly talented. She bagged an Academy Award as the best actress in 1988.

As any star of her caliber, Cher got numerous profitable endorsement offers. She advertised several brands, such as Chicago Health Club, Jack LaLane gym chains etc and put the money into her purse for that.

Cher in fit ads

In her 71 Cher can just take a margarita and relax near the swimming pool, enjoying her wealth, but she is going to continue her career. So, her net worth will only get bigger!

Cher’s Way On Top

Cher young

If now Cher can easily buy jewelry and houses, in her early years she lived from hand to mouth. Her father earned his living as a truck driver and mother was an infamous actress. Her parents separated soon after the girl’s birth, and Cher met her father for the first time in her life, being a primary school pupil.

In her school years Cher was not successful. She was not interested in school life and school subjects, god bad marks and missed her lessons. Finally at the age of 16 she left her mother’s home and moved to LA.

Occasionally she met Sonny Bono in a café. He offered the girl to clean in his house and cook the dinner and get money for it. Cher agreed and thus found her first job. Later they fell in love and got married. It was Bono, who helped Cher start career of a singer and become a superstar.

Cher House

Cher owns numerous houses. She gets new ones and then sells them again. It is known, that Cher owns a beach house in Malibu, which costs $45 million and a condo, which is estimated at $5, 5 million and many other properties worldwide.

1) Malibu Home

Cher Malibu House

In 2013 Cher put her Malibu mansion for sale. That seemed strange to her fans, as the actress has always been proud of her comfortable piece of paradise. She liked to get up in the morning and watch at the sea from her bedroom window.

Cher Malibu House

But now this ideal lavish mansion is on sale. Probably, Cher is going to move to London. At least her fans think so.

2) Hollywood Condo

Cher Hollywood condo

Luxurious Hollywood condo Cher bought “for no reason” as she used to admit later. That’s why the spacious house, furnished in Eastern—Moroccan style stayed mostly empty. The picturesque view opens from its balcony.

Cher Car

Cher car

Cher’s first Car was Old Red MG convertible. From that moment she owned lots of beautiful, fast and incredibly expensive vehicles. One of them is black Bentley. Not long ago the star put it for auction. The initial price is $120, 000. 

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