Cheryl Burke

Cheryl Burke Net Worth is $500, 000

How rich is Cheryl Burke?

Nickname: Cheryl Stephanie Bautista Burke

Date of birth: the 3rd of May, 1984

Profession: dancer

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: television

How Much is Cheryl Burke Worth?

Cheryl Burke is a famous American dancer. She was cast as Dancing with the Stars professional participant in 2006. Cheryl parlayed her initial success with two DWTS wins (in the 2nd and 3rd seasons), which made her one of the most famous professional dancers of the project.

Cheryl featured in 19 seasons of DWTS, which served as the base of her net worth. It is hard to believe, that Cheryl Burke net worth is just $500, 000 as she was involved into many other deals outside the dancing show.

Cheryl Burke and her partner a singer Drew Lachey in DWTS

Having gained initial popularity as DWTS dancer, Burke moved further and appeared in a number of other TV shows. She portrayed Shannon in one of episodes of “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody” and made cameo appearance in the series “Jane the Virgin”. In addition Burke made numerous appearances at various talk shows as a guest star, which served as the additional source of wealth for her. She appeared in “The Wendy Williams Show”, “The Oprah Winfrey Show” etc.

Cheryl Burke starred in TV commercials too. She endorsed numerous brands, such as Impress Nails, Sargento Cheese etc.

The beautiful dancer tried her hand in business too. Cheryl opened her own dance studio in 2008. The next year she launched her own line of sportswear clothing.

To make her income even bigger, Cheryl Burke released autobiography “Dancing Lessons”. The book is sold for about $15.00 for each one in the hardcover. The famous choreographer and dancer gets a couple of dollars from each sold copy.

Cheryl Burke book

So, Cheryl Burke seems to be seriously involved into money making process. But how did she start her way on top?

Cheryl Burke’s Way On Top

The DWTS top dancer was born in an ordinary American family in Atherton, California. Her parents divorced, when the girl was in her kindergarten age. Cheryl’s father moved to Thailand after the divorce and her mother raised the daughter alone. In her early years Burke was sexually abused by 60-year-old neighbor, who made the child watch pornography. Soon the old man was arrested, but Cheryl was frustrated and felt unsafe. To cope with her inner demons, Burke stated to dance. She began as a ballet dancer and later turned into a ballroom dancer, which brought her both, money and popularity. 

Cheryl Burke net worth

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