Chester Bennington biography
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Chester Bennington Net Worth

$30 million

  • Real name / birth name Chester Charles Bennington
  • Occupation singer, musician, musical producer, occasional actor
  • Source of Wealth music
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth March 20, 1976
  • Date of death July 20, 2017 (41 years)
  • Zodiac sign Pisces
  • Birth place Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Sources 2018 $30 million $30 million

$30 million


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How Much is Chester Bennington Worth?

“If I am out of myself, I am great. If I am inside all the time, I am horrible. I don’t like my mind right now!” These words late Chester Bennington told in his last interview for the radio Kiss FM. Unfortunately then nobody listened to him and that’s why his cry for help was not heard.

The legendary musician died on the 20th of July, 2017. He committed a suicide, probably because he was horrible inside, as he had told himself earlier. He hung himself in his luxurious mansion in Palos Verdes, California. Chester’s housekeeper found his dead body. “I terribly miss you, Chester” one of his fans wrote through social media. His death has become a tragedy for many people all over the world. Now his fans listen to his songs and recollect in mind Bennington’s biography and lifestyle.

The father of 6 children, Bennington left his heirs $30 million net worth. Mostly Chester amassed his wealth though the salary he got from his concerts and selling of his albums. As the frontman of the cult band Linkin Park Chester made millions of dollars every year. Unfortunately, he spent most part of his income on drugs and alcohol.

Chester Bennington rose to fame in early 2000s, when he had become the leading singer of the band Xero, which later turned into Linkin Park. Chester and other band members – Mike Shinoda, Brad Delson, Joseph Hahn and Rob Bourdon – were catapulted to stardom after the release of the debut album “Hybrid Theory”, which got diamond status.

Although the main source of Chester’s wealth was his work of Linkin Pak vocalist, he developed other projects too. Chester tried his hand as an actor and made short appearances in several movies, including “Crank” and “Saw 3D”. He also made some money through producing the band “Hellflower”.

In fact, Chester Bennington seemed to be a successful person – he was a famous musician and a father of great children. Nevertheless, his fate can hardly be called a happy one. He struggled with many demons on his way to wealth and stardom.

Chester Bennington Bio and Career

Like many other music stars, Bennington witnessed lots of difficulties in his early years. His parents divorced and Chester’s mother took his brother and one of his sisters and moved away. The future star lived with another sister and his father and most part of his time spent, experimenting with drugs and alcohol. When Chester was 16, he looked anorexic and couldn’t spend a day without smoking a crack. His mother was shocked, when saw her exhausted son. She locked him in the room and demanded to refuse from drugs.

When Chester Bennington’s health improved, he fell in love with music. At first Bennington performed at the band “Grey Daze”, but then left it. In 2000s he met his finest hour as the leading singer of Linkin Park.


The home is the best place in the world for any person. Unfortunately, Chester Bennington used his family house as the place of his death.

The beautiful farm house, built of white stone, is situated in Palos Verdes Estates, the rich suburb of Los Angeles, where many musical and movie stars have their residences.

Chester bought the new house just several months before his death. He paid $2, 5 million for it.

The cozy home consists of 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. Like any celeb’s residence, it could boast with a spa room and a swimming pool.

Bennington spent most part of his free time, sitting in a beautiful living-room, decorated in white and dark brown colors. It is hard to believe now, that such a festive atmosphere, which reigned in musician’s house, couldn’t prevent a star from making s suicide.

His friends say, Bennington looked very frustrated in May, when his friend and colleague Chris Corner had committed a suicide. After that Chester locked in his house. Probably, he made up his mind to die that very time.


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