Chris Hemsworth wife Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth kids: “All the cabin wanted to kick us of!”

Chris Hemsworth wife Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth kids

As Ellen DeGeneres told about him, Chris Hemsworth is the sexiest man alive, that’s all you need to know about him. In fact, the title of “the sexiest”, which Chris got from People magazine, is not the only one in his collection. The owner of MTV movie award, Chris appeared in numerous films of different genres – fantasy, action, thriller etc. We know him as Thor, of course. The superhero film was released in 2011 and hit the box office. After that Chris Hemsworth appeared in two other parts of the franchise and in addition played in cult movies, such as “The Avengers”, “Snow White and the Huntsman”, “Rush” etc.

But Chris Hemsworth is famous not just as the movie star, but also as a perfect husband and ideal father. Today we’ll speak about Chris Hemsworth wife Elsa Pataky – his love and his muse – and their beautiful kids.

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky

Chris Hemsworth wife Elsa Pataky Childhood

Elsa Pataky is a woman, who knows how to make marriage work. In addition, she knows how to solve family and career conflict, which comes to life of any lady, who gets married and has kids. Women all over the world use Elsa as their role model. “She is the perfect match for Chris! She seems so friendly!” one of her female fans announced through social media. Elsa Pataky is an inborn star, and now it’s even hard to believe, that in her young years the girl had nothing in common with movie industry.

Elsa Pataky young

Born Elsa Lafuente Medianu spent her early years in Madrid, Spain. Her parents were representatives of serious complicated professions, and she hoped, that their girl would follow their pace.

José Francisco Lafuente, the actress’s father, earned his living as a biochemist and her mother, Cristina Medianu Pataky, was a publicist. They were smart and talented, and Elsa was worth of both her parents. She was a brilliant student at school, devoted all her free time to doing lessons and planned to enter some prestigious University.

Elsa Pataky studied journalism

But one day her plans changed. Elsa’s grandfather from maternal side was a professional actor. When the girl came to visit him once, she found a photo album with her grandfather’s theater pics. After that she never got tired to ask her grandparent about his work of an actor. Soon she felt that acting bug bit her.

Although Elsa Pataky liked acting most of all, after school she decided to get some serious profession. She entered Universidad CEU San Pablo, where majored in journalism. But Elsa had never forgotten about acting, and joined her University lessons with acting classes.

Having graduated from the University, Elsa Pataky started career in entertainment industry.

Elsa Pataky Career

Elsa Pataky in Iznogoud

Pataky debuted in the series “Al salir de clase”. After that she had become a frequent guest on Spanish television. Elsa appeared in a thriller “El Arte de morir”, and then she acted in the series “7 vidas”.

Pataky was incredibly hard-working actress. She knew several languages – and very often acted in co-production movies: Spain and French or Spain and British. She mastered English, and that very time got an idea to come to Hollywood. She used Penelope Cruz as her role model. But Pe used to be Pedro Almodóvar muse, while Elsa couldn’t boast with such cooperation.

For most of people Elsa Pataky remains an actress, whose talent was unclaimed. Probably, she can’t boast with too famous roles in American movies. But no doubt, Pataky changed the world of European TV. She acted in a French film “Iznogoud”, a screen version of the comics about the mighty vizier. Two years later Elsa appeared in “Manual of Love”, the Italian movie, which brought her not just recognition, but also a meeting with a talented actress Monica Bellucci, her co-star and friend.

Elsa Pataky and Monica Bellucci

In early 2000s Elsa Pataky gained popularity in USA. She acted in a thriller “Snakes on a Plane”. Released in 2006, till now this movie is considered as one of the most unusual and most original of all times. Directed by David R. Ellis and written by David Dalessandro, the film tells about an unusual way to kill a trial witness on the plane board – to fill the cabin with hundreds of snake eggs.

The lead roles in the film were played by Samuel L. Jackson and Julianna Margulies. Elsa Pataky portrayed one of female passengers on the plane board. Yes, that was a tiny role. But at the same time that was a great chance for the Spanish actress. After that Pataky played in American movies from time to time. She joined acting with modeling. Elsa Pataky has appeared in numerous male and female magazines.

Elsa Pataky as a model

Thus, to her meeting with the main man in her life – Chris Hemsworth – Elsa has already become quite popular.

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky Love Story

Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth met at one of numerous parties, which are so often arranged in Hollywood. They loved each other at first sight – and that was predictable. He was incredibly tall, very strong, had huge blue eyes and a kind smile. She was small, very slim and had long soft hair. The Spanish girl could easily catch heart of any Hollywood heartthrob. But she chose Chris.

Chris Hemsworth and his wife Elsa Pataky

In 2010 he was a promising young actor. They met before he made Thor, but after such projects as “Star Trek” and “A Perfect Getaway”. Energetic, handsome and very hot, Chris looked like a young version of Brad Pitt. Of course, he could choose any other woman at that party. But he fell in love with Elsa.

Till now Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky romance is ranked as one of the most beautiful in Hollywood. They started dating in early 2010, and several months later Chris had already proposed her loved one. “I am too old for you, just stop it!” Elsa told when she saw a ring in his hands. Really Chris Hemsworth is 7 years younger than Elsa. But who cares, if they love each other!

Elsa Pataky is 7 years older than Chris Hemsworth

Later Chris told, that he decided to marry Elsa during their summer vacation. She was not just slim and very fit, but also very humorous, smart and self-confident. And Chris felt that he wanted to spend the whole life with Pataky.

They wedded on Christmas holidays in late 2010. The ceremony took place in Indonesia and only the closest friends of the couple were present there. Two years later Chris and Elsa welcomed their first child.

Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth Kids

Elsa Pataky and  Chris Hemsworth kids

When the wife shared her pregnancy news, Chris Hemsworth felt even happier, than when he heard about the box office success of Thor. Their daughter India Rose Hemsworth was born on May, 11 in 2012.  The cute blue-eyed girl changed lives of both actors, but of course, Elsa gave up more.

“I was in the centre of career and family conflict! I felt, that career becomes less important for me. Oh, my God! But I have struggled for it during many years!”

Elsa Pataky and  her daughter India

In 2012 Elsa and Chris welcomed two twin boys. Tristan Hemsworth and Sasha Hemsworth were born on March 18, 2014. Chris Hemsworth told about his newborn sons at Ellen DeGeneres show. Chris and Elsa took their children and went to Australia to visit Hemsworth parents. When they came back to London, they had to pass through a long and complicated plane trip. They were in the air during long 30 hours, and the twin boys shouted almost all the time. “All the cabin wanted to kick us of!” Chris told.

Chris Hemsworth loves his wife Elsa Pataky

Soon after the birth of the twins, Elsa Pataky returned to Hollywood. She acted in “Furious 7” alongside Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson. By the way, Elsa opened up, that Diesel and she made friends, while filming. They both mostly talked about kids. But even Vin Diesel couldn’t eclipse her husband.

Elsa Pataky made friends with Vin Diesel while filming Furious

In spite of rumors about Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky divorce, they are still happy together.  Of course, the tough schedule of two actors causes some problems in their family. Very often Elsa and Chris live separately. He spends most part of his life at a film set. And Elsa with kids lives mostly in Australia to keep her small children out of limelight.

Chris Hemsworth with his wife Elsa Pataky

Elsa Pataky and her kids are frequent guests in Spain too. She spends lots of time with her Spanish relatives. By the way, Elsa’s eldest daughter India is bilingual. She speaks both, English and Spanish, and knows Australian a bit.

Chris Hemsworth, Elsa Pataky and their kids

Very often Elsa Pataky is asked how she can join the activities of a wife, a mother and a movie star. “That’s simple. I just have more superpowers than Thor!” she says. 

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