Chris Noth

Chris Noth Net Worth is $15, 5 Million

How rich is Chris Noth?

Nickname: Christopher David Noth

Date of birth: the 13th of November, 1954

Profession: actor, producer

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: television, movies

How Much is Chris Noth Worth?

His smile, big eyes and ability to raise his eyebrows in an unusual manner captured the hearts of many women around the world. And no matter how disgraceful his hero – Mr. Big – was, and no matter how he tried to ruin the life of Kerry Bradshaw, the ladies – Sex and the City fans – still loved him – for his high stature, wide shoulder line and hot male magnetism.

Chris Noth as Mr. Big in Sex and the City

Chris Knot became famous due to the role of Mr. Big in the series “Sex and the City”. Then he, as well as four other little-known actresses – Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon – hit the jackpot.

Mostly due to hot New-Yorker Mr. Big, the actor Chris Noth was able to accumulate a multi-million net worth. Currently his fortune is estimated at $15, 5 million. But “Sex and the City” is not the only one successful project in Chris Noth filmography.

Chris Noth and SATC co-star Sarah Jessica Parker

In 2005, Noth played another man of the dream in the movie “The Perfect Man”, where his partner at the film set was the beauty Heather Locklear. As for his recent projects, there are the roles in the series “The Good Wife” and “Manhunt: Unabomber”, which contributed to his net worth.

Chris Noth net worth

In addition to the ability to monetize his acting talent, Chris also excelled as a businessman. He owns the popular club in NY City, named “The Cutting”.

He also earns as a model, advertising skin care products “Biotherm”.

Chris Noths Way On Top

Chris Noth career

Born Christopher David Noth spent his early years in an affluent family of an attorney (father) and CBS reporter (mother).

Chris lost his father at the age of 12, when he tragically died in a car accident. After that he had to travel all over the world with his brother and mother Jeanne Parr, who had to relocate from one place to another because of her career.

Chris Noth late mother Jeanne Parr

Noth liked acting since his school years. He is a professionally trained actor. Noth is Yale School of Drama graduate. He started as a theater actor and then moved his way on TV, where rose to fame due to his play in the series “Law and Order” and “Sex and the City”.

Chris Noth House

Chris Noth career started long ago, but just after the phenomenal success of “Sex and the City” series the actor managed to save enough money to buy a huge house. By the way, nowadays Chris owns several properties.

1) Sherman Oaks Home

Chris Noth Sherman Oaks home

Each house has its unique ambience, and Chris Noth Sherman Oaks residence is not exclusion. Like his famous hero Mr. Big, Chris Noth knows everything about style. His home looks attractive, very elegant and warm at the same time.

He bought the cozy residence in late 2000s and paid about $1, 5 million per it. For that amount the star got 3-bedroom very private residence, hidden from strangers by thick tall trees.

To enter the estate, you should pass the private gateway – thus the stellar actor keeps himself and his wife Tara Wilson safe.

Chris Noth wife Tara Wilson

The roomy yard is well-cared and decorated with great taste. In the back part of the house there is a swimming-pool – a must have for celebs. There’s also a cozy dining area, where Chris and his friends can arrange barbeque.

The house itself is designed in light green and beige colors. Each room is spacious and well lit. The windows are tall and wide to let natural light come into the room from early morning till late night.

2) Upper East Side Home

Chris Noth Upper East Side home

If you remember, in one of “Sex and the City” series Mr. Big colored the wall of his apartment in red. In his Upper East Side apartment Chris Noth chose other colors – white and golf. The residence looks very rich and stylish. It consists of 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and it cost the actor $1, 9 million.

Chris Noth Upper East Side home

By the way, Chris Noth new residence is situated in the same house, where Candace Bushnell, Sex and the City author, used to live. 

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