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Christina Ricci Net Worth

$18 million

  • Real name / birth name Christina Ricci
  • Occupation actress, businesswoman
  • Source of Wealth television, movies, investments
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth February 12, 1980
  • Age 42
  • Zodiac sign Aquarius
  • Birth place Santa Monica, California, United States
Sources 2018 $18 million $18 million $18 million

$18 million


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How Much is Christina Ricci Worth?

The well-known American actress Christina Ricci can be proud of herself, as she reached $18 million net worth to her 37th anniversary. She made her wealth through acting, producing and participating in a number of business gigs.

Ricci began to earn her wealth as an actress. Being incredibly good-looking woman, she could also boast with vivid acting talent, and these two features in combination led her to a surprisingly big salary for movie roles. Thus Christina Ricci got $1 million for her work in “Prozac Nation” and $5 million for the play in “Miranda”. Besides her work in big screen movies, Ricci develops career of a TV actress too. She acted as Maggie in “Pan Am” and earned $125, 000 per episode.

Alongside acting, Christina Ricci has several additional sources of wealth. First of all, she is a desirable celebrity for endorsements. She lent her beautiful face for commercials of Louis Vuitton, Gap clothing and contraceptive means.

Christina Ricci makes some money through lucrative investments too. She invested into a number of properties, situated in LA and its suburbs. In addition, she launched her own line of clothing.

Thus Christina Ricci makes money without rest. The actress is busy with numerous projects every year. Some of her recent screen works are “Mothers and Daughters”, “The Hero of Color City” etc. So, her net worth has a chance to grow. But how did she reach her stardom?

Christina Ricci Bio and Career

In fact, Christina Ricci started acting at the tender age of 8. Then she lived with her parents and 3 elder sisters in Santa Monica, CA. Her family was neither poor, nor rich. Christina’s parents made the ends meet, working as a lawyer (father) and realtor (mother).

Christina earned her first salary in 1990, when she appeared as the screen daughter of Cher in “Mermaids”. After that the girl played a number of successful roles as a child’s star and gradually moved to the adult cinema making, having created recognizable screen images, such as Dede Truitt in “The Opposite of Sex” and Layla in “Buffalo’66”. After that Christian Ricci reached the status of an actress in a great demand. It brought her huge earnings. Some part of that money Ricci spend for a lavish mansion. She also got a number of brand cars.

The movie star Christina Ricci lives with her husband, a dolly grip, James Heerdegen and their son in a big house in the suburb of Brooklyn, New York.


The actress and her husband bought 4-bedroom and 4-bathroom residence for $2 million. The mansion consists of 3 storeys, so the lady of fashion Christian Ricci will have enough space for her clothes, cosmetics and shoes.

The house is designed in white and light brown colors. It can boast with a cozy living-room too. It’s not big, but elegant. There’s a huge fireplace just in the middle of room, a sofa with light soft pillows on and several white arm-chairs in the room. The wall of the house is decorated with an artwork. To cover the big tall windows from strangers’ eyes, there’s black-and-white jalousie over them.

It is not known, if the actress is good in cooking, but the kitchen in her house can make chefs envy. Just in the middle of the kitchen there’s a beautiful sink with a shining tap over it. There’s a small table near the sink – probably, for dirty dishes to put there (we hope, Christina Ricci is a good housewife, who never keeps dirty dishes for long). Near the wall there are a stove, several cupboards and another tap.

Christina Ricci’s house is designed with a great taste. She has several great cars too.

Earlier Christina Ricci owned Porsche 911 at the initial stages of her career. Later she replaced it with Mercedes s-class. In addition, Ricci has in her garage several eco-friendly vehicles.


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