Christopher Plummer biography

Christopher Plummer Net Worth

$20 million

  • Real name / birth name Arthur Christopher Orme Plummer CC
  • Occupation actor, producer
  • Source of Wealth television, movies
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth December 13, 1929
  • Age 92
  • Zodiac sign Sagittarius
  • Birth place Toronto, Canada
Sources 2018 $20 million $20 million $20 million

$20 million


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How Much is Christopher Plummer Worth?

Christopher Plummer is a famous Canadian actor and producer, who owns $20 million net worth. He accumulated his wealth through his job in entertainment industry.

Mr. Plummer started his career in 1958, when he was cast as a young writer in the movie “Stage Struck”. At first Christopher got a miserable salary for his work, but the things had changed, when he portrayed Captain Von Trapp in “The Sound of Music”. Although Plummer himself didn’t like the film, nevertheless the audience accepted it eagerly and the young actor was catapulted to stardom.

He played in a number of other movie hits. Each next successful movie brought him a huge paycheck. He portrayed The Emperor in “Starcrash” and earned $30, 00 per his appearance. After that he played in a string of great films and TV series: “The Thorn Birds”, “Money”, “Twelve Monkeys”, “A Beautiful Mind” etc. In 2012 Plummer got an Oscar for his work in “Beginners”, thus have become the oldest actor in Academy Award history to get the statuette.

Alongside acting, Christopher Plummer developed career of a producer too. He produced the movies “Caesar and Cleopatra” and “Barrymore”, which gave him back with an extra income.

Now the actor is in his golden age, nevertheless his schedule is busy. But how did he start his way to stardom?

Christopher Plummer Bio and Career

Christopher Plummer comes from a rich family. His father earned enough, working as a lawyer, and his mother spent her time with her son Christopher. The boy was cute, active and charismatic. From his kindergarten age he knew, that he was going to be an actor. He began to work with the Canadian Repertory Company as a stage actor in his teens. He also participated in radio shows.

Mr. Plummer earned his first salary as an actor at the age of 17. Then he played in a theater production “Henry V”. Christopher Plummer has become initially popular in his middle 20-s as the theater actor, who was incredibly talented and in addition a heavy drinker. Now the movie star regrets about his reputation in that period.

Having become an awarded theater star, Plummer debuted on TV. Finally, he won the role in the big screen movie “Stage Struck”.

Christopher Plummer was married three times, but has just one daughter – an actress Amanda Plummer. He lives in a big cozy house with his third wife Elaine Taylor.


The actor of Christopher Plummer’s stature with a solid amount on his bank account deserves all-filled house. That’s why Beginners star spent about $3 million to get the property of his dream. His current residence is situated in Weston, CT. Christopher shares his stunning home with his wife, an actress Elaine Taylor. The couple enjoys 9, 4 acres territory, where many buildings are situated: the main house, the guest house and the bath house.

Christopher Plummer knows everything about beautiful cozy homes. His other (former) house was sold to a new owner for $11, 2 million in February, 2015. The former Plummer’s residence was situated in Connecticut. The famous actor spent his free time in a beautiful area. His house stood closely to the waterfront, so he had an opportunity to draw inspiration, staying at the shore and looking at the water. When he was tired, he came inside the building, which looked like a typical American farmhouse. It was built of white stone and in addition was decorated with a timber frame. Rectangular windows looked hospitable and at the same time kept the living space in private.

he house had everything necessary for a great comfortable life – a roomy foyer, cozy living-room, a chef kitchen and a library.

The high-ceilinged bedroom was that place, where Mr. Plummer recharged his life batteries and renewed his forces. He had a rest at a huge double bed, covered with blue blanket. The carpet of the same color lied down just near the bed.

The master’s bedroom was a great combination of elegant style and original coziness. They say, nowadays former Christopher Plummer’s home belongs to a wealthy businessman.


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