How Much is Cicely Tyson Worth?

The famous American actress Cicely Tyson has accumulated a net worth of over $10 Million. She made her first steps in show business as a model. It was followed by roles in episodic television series and low-budget pictures like The Doctors and the Nurses (1962), Naked City (1963), A Man Called Adam (1966), The Comedians (1967) and more.

Even though, Cicely had convinced everyone that she had tremendous acting talent. After a short period, she was managed to receive brighter and expressive roles in Sounder (1972), The River Niger (1976), A Woman Called Moses (1978), Intimate Encounters (1986) and a whole slew of others works. However, the most important breakthrough for her career had happened in 1974, when she won two Emmy awards for portrayal in The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman.

Cicely Tyson tries to play distinctive images in films of talented and interesting directors. She gives preference to deeper and more serious roles, for which the viewer loved her so much. Her greatest acts for the last years are 2011’ movie The Help in conjunction with successful television shows How to Get Away with Murder (2015-2018). Tyson’s main source of income has been her earnings from her acting career in numerous movies and television series.

Her name bears the School of Theatrical and Fine Arts in New Jersey. Moreover, the actress was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for her immense contribution to the entertainment world. In the year of 2014, she became a doctor of humanities at Columbia University.