Clint Eastwood Net Worth

Clint Eastwood Net Worth is $375 Million

Clint Eastwood net worth

Nickname: Clinton Eastwood Jr.

Date of birth: the 31st of May, 1930

Profession: actor, filmmaker, businessman

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: television, movies, restaurant business

How Much is Clint Eastwood Worth?

Clint Eastwood and his son Scott Eastwood

The younger generation of viewers know Clint Eastwood as just a father of a young celebrity hot Scott Eastwood. But the people of older age group know him as one of the most talented actors and film directors of the epoch. Clint’s talent to both, acting and business, made him one of the richest Hollywood entertainers. His net worth is estimated at $375 million.

Most part of his wealth Clint made through his work of an actor. Have a look at his film earnings!

Clint Eastwood Salary for Some of His Movies:

“Ambush at Cimarron Pass” (1958)


“The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”

$250, 000

“Kelly's Heroes”

$1 million

“Every Which Way But Loose”

$16 million (and % from box office)

“Heartbreak Ridge”

$10 million

Clint Eastwood in "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly"

Now, in his 87 years old, Eastwood doesn’t appear on the big screen too often. But he still makes money through producing and directing.

Eastwood founded his own production company in late 1960s. Since then Malpaso Productions brings its owner, Clint, a solid income annually.

Clint Eastwood tried his hand as a film director for the first time in 1971. His “Play Misty for Me” grossed more than $10 million in the box office. Great debut, isn’t it? He directed a number of other successful movies too.

Clint turned to be talented not just as a filmmaker, but as a businessman too. The Oscar-winning star owns a hotel and a restaurant in Carmel-by-the-Sea.

Clint Eastwood's Mission ranch hotel and restaurant

By the way, in 1986 the famous actor was elected as the Mayor of a small town at the seaside – Carmel. He owned a house in Carmel at that time. Soon the star built his hotel and restaurant in the area. The amount of tourists was doubled after that and economy of Carmel was revived.

Till now people all over the world come to Mission Ranch Hotel and Restaurant in order to see Mr. Eastwood.

Clint Eastwood’s Way On Top

Clint Eastwood young

The celebrity and multimillionaire Clint Eastwood comes from a modest American family. His father made his fortune as a steelworker and mother was an IBM factory worker. Clint’s father was not rich, he tried his best to provide his children (Clint has a sister) for everything. Eastwood family moved from one place to another as Clint’s father changed his job very often.

The future Hollywood star tried his hand as an actor, being a high school pupil. Then he participated in school play. The audience liked Clint’s play, applauded and cheered him. But the boy hated acting and decided never to play again.

He changed his mind in his young years. The handsome man came back from the army, moved to LA, where visited college. His friends advised sex-appeal young man to start visiting auditions. In order to earn his living, Eastwood followed their advice.

Clint Scottwood net worth

Clint Eastwood has become a star after a string of successful movies, such as “A Fistful of Dollars”, “Where Eagles Dare”, “Escape from Alcatraz”. As for more modern projects, he played alongside Hilary Swank in “Million Dollar Baby”.

Clint Eastwood House

Clint Eastwood house

The legendary actor and film director is in his golden age, when he had already proved his star status, and now can just relax and enjoy his calm home life. Eastwood owns several properties. But most part of his time he spends in his Tehama bungalow. The star lives in a picturesque area, surrounded by tall exotic tress. He spends most part of the day in a roomy house. If Clint is in the right mood, he walks in the back yard of the house and takes a swim in a huge pool.

Clint Eastwood Car

Clint Eastwood car

A strong handsome cowboy Clint Eastwood surely can ride a horse. But unlike his heroes, he prefers cars. The filmmaker owns a big car collection, which includes the marvelous red 1992 GMC Typhoon, which costs about $40, 000. 

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